Month: May 2015

Indulgent Friday … playing with fabric, what fun

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A bit of a long gap between wordpressings …

Fridays are still fairly good, still fairly indulgent – oh lucky me!

This morning I sat and sewed, I played with fabric and ideas. I made a selection of little things to go to a local shop and perhaps someone might even buy a few ….. something newish for me this time, fabric gifts. I tried knitted ones in the same place in the winter and they were a hit/miss. I sold a few but not all. The ones I thought would particularly go like hot cakes didn’t and others flew out of the basket much quicker than I’d anticipated. I don’t think I was great at planning what I was making and possibly started a little late for the winter 2015 season. So, it’s coming into summer and I am trying to produce my summer projects in a more orderly manner and will attempt to refresh stock with different ideas as the weeks go by.

But silly me – I dropped them off without taking a photo first! I made a few items a couple of weeks ago (storage baskets and peg bags) and today added childrens hairbands, scented wardrobe sachets and a zipped bag. Cutesy, ditzy fabric, pretty ribbons, handy sizes, simple prices. What a lovely way to spend my day ‘off’!

More to follow … photos next time.