Month: July 2014

Sew Sew Knit Sew So So

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So much to do in what little leisure time I’ve had recently. Look what I made the other day! Summer is here and it’s time for a little funky top or two. One down, more to go, but that’s after I’ve finished the two skirts I have also started creating. There’s a lot of pink going on in my house – which is pretty weird as I don’t usually wear pink. The sewing bug has re-surfaced. Hurrah! (That’s a bug I am happy to celebrate.) The only ‘problem’ is that it leaves less time for knitting. I even watched an old episode of The Great British Sewing Bee last week – which of course made me want to give up sleep to gain some more creative time!

Last weekend I planned two long car journeys. I am mid way through a difficult lacy wrap and it just wasn’t the right thing for a portable project, especially as I’d had some issues with the pattern which had involved ripping and reknitting. I just had to start something new and more simple (knitters will know there is rarely a ‘need’ just a ‘lust’ to start something new!). So this week I have a sleeve and a half of a new PINK shrug. Like I say, ‘pink’ has made it’s way into my life. It could be that my hair is almost back to it’s natural colour so I can wear pink without my strawberry blonde/ginger hair looking odd and washed out. I have been battling hair colour for a while, but that’s a long story to tell another time.

Back to the machine to find out if my next project looks like it will fit ….. I seamed my skirt a couple of days ago but at first sight it looked a little narrow for my hips! I turned off my trust Juki, went to bed, ready to tackle it today on my day off work. Let’s see!