Month: February 2020

Joy on a grey day

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Many people struggle in the winter. The sun doesn’t show it’s face much some days. The grey skies, the drizzle, the chills, it can all be quite depressing.

Whilst I wait for the days to get a little longer and the weather (hopefully) to be a little more uplifting I try to make the most or the ‘best’ of things. It doesn’t always mean I am bouncing along like a new puppy and there are things that don’t get done and some things aren’t enjoyed, but overall life is good.

A visit with friends, a phone call, reading a good book, doing some crafting, enjoying a film, the theatre, there are lots of things to make me smile.

So, a grey visit to Camden Lock in London. It was grey, there was drizzle, but company was fun and the street food tasty!

Attacking my yarn stash – if you follow my posts you might recognise some of this yarn as this blanket grows. It’s an interesting construction as you begin in one corner and zigzag to the opposite corner.

Also, I have just finished a good book – The Likely Resolutions of Oliver Clock by Jane Riley. Have you ever thought about the person who runs a funeral parlour? This is about a man who has inherited the family business, he has a good few OCD quirks, the business is a little jaded, he’s a little jaded, this is his journey towards a happy future.

What’s everyone else doing to keep the sunshine in life when there isn’t much actual sunshine in the sky?

A Wintry Seaside Visit

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I am never one to be put off by wintry weather. The recent stormy weekends haven’t stopped me enjoying a spell outdoors, albeit brief and I stayed safe. There were grey skies, a whipped up sea and walking into the wind was truly like being buffered by a freezing cold super strong hair dryer, but the brightly coloured properties of Aldeburgh, Suffolk made a trip there so cheerful (plus of course the fact it was a surprise birthday treat from my hubby!).

Being a hobby knitter I love that my woolly hats and scarves were useful this weekend. I even finished my latest project before we left (just off the needles in this picture, it needed wearing to look less wrinkled!).