Month: April 2018

Such pretty fabric, mystery project ..

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Following on from an earlier post this week I am still creating a gift for a friend. For now, here’s a little snapshot of fabric to tease anyone interested. bunting1

Using up some of my fabric stash has been a delight.  Not only does it make way for more purchases (ssh, don’t tell the bank manager or the hubby!), but it has been so lovely delving in, finding cottons that complement each other and even remembering where some of it was bought and why.  There was at least one project that never materialised, some is remnants and some was bought with no plans (so pretty, I had to have it). It’s a lot like my stash of yarn and wool, plentiful!

Who else will show and tell this week?

Bake off and escaping to a chateau

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I might have cheated a bit with this blog post title.  It’s nothing about baking in the kitchen at all though I do love a bit of baking when in the mood and I adore The Great British Bake Off, though preferred Mel, Sue and Mary to the newbies. (I hope readers know what I am talking about here – please ask if not.)

I am writing about the last few days of baking hot sunshine we’ve had in the UK.  Wow, was it warm enough for everyone? At times it was a bit too hot for me though I am not complaining much, I could keep out of it when I needed to.  It was a great excuse to sit indoors and sew one day – I will reveal the result of that day soon, though it’s a gift for someone who might read this so remains under wraps for now.

A snapshot of the cherry blossom in full bloom over the garden fence one sunny afternoon

So, today the temperature has turned itself down a bit. The whole family is having a better day.  We all had streaming eyes and noses with hayfever – even one of our cats suffered. (Hayfever-like symptoms in a cat, possibly some allergy to something in the air/garden.) It is a little respite from the past few days.

Whilst staying out of the sun, I also discovered a tv show about owning your own french castle (Escape to the Chateau DIY, Ch4), which builds on the original series Escape to the Chateau.  I love trips to France, though not in the same league, one can dream big. Image result for escape to the chateau

Dick and Angel Strawbridge make entertaining tv.

I wonder what anyone else did to stop being ‘baked’ last week?


Whitstable and Tankerton and Knitting by the Sea

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I’ve blogged about Whitstable before as it’s somewhere I love to go. This week’s visit included a pop into a tiny antique shop which really appeals to me with my crafting hat on.  Vintage sewing patterns, haberdashery and linens (not the same ones!) – it’s like a walk into my late mother’s sewing room, or seeing my grandmother’s linen collection of hand embroidered table cloths and antimacassars. If you are ever in Whitstable you must visit Anchors Aweigh Vintage at 63 Harbour Street !

Whitstable town has a selection of independent traders, an arty vibe, some great eateries, but it’s also a working fishing harbour.   Another time I would have stopped for a plate of something freshly fried.  At Weekends during the summer months this harbour area is a hive of activity with stalls selling edible treats and tasteful seaside trinkets.


After my jobs this time, I parked at Tankerton Slopes, just beyond Whitstable.  There is a huge expanse of shingle beach and an uninterrupted view out to sea.  Midweek it’s very quiet and peaceful.  I took out my knitting and worked a few rows before heading home.  That was my treat for my trip and it certainly topped up my yearning for being beside the sea more frequently.


Still working on a baby dress, it’s slow going due to a hand complaint! I am itching to get it finished.

The last of the daffodils

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Last Sunday afternoon we took a little stroll through part of Greenwich Park in South London.   The weather was bright and so were the remains of the daffodils.

We are so lucky to have such a space about half an hour’s drive away from where we live.  Sometimes we stroll through the main ‘boulevard’, Blackheath Avenue, which leads past the Observatory and The Greenwich Meridian Line. As quoted in the following link, The meridian line in Greenwich represents the Prime Meridian of the world, Longitude Zero (0° 0′ 0″). Every place on the Earth is measured in terms of its angle east or west from this line.

This time we just skirted the Observatory, strolling admiring the ancient trees, lawns and the last of the Spring flowers.




13 might be a lucky number

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For many the number 13 strikes fear. Last week we had Friday the 13th.  For some people if the 13th of the month happens to fall on a Friday it means absolute horror. In the distant past I had a car accident on a Friday the 13th.   I jumped on the bandwagon of believing it was a day to avoid – stay indoors – don’t get behind the wheel of a car – don’t try anything new – don’t pick up a power tool – etc.

About ten years ago I started to think differently.  We viewed a lovely property to purchase on the 13th of a month.  We completed the sale and got the keys on the 13th of another month. I had a job offer on the 13th of a month a couple of years later.  So 13 doesn’t scare me!

Last Friday began as a day of chores.  Then I went to collect a friend, by car, and we went for a lovely wander in a town nearby, finishing in a cafe for frothy coffee and cake.  A reward for doing those chores.  Life has to have a happy balance.  Friday 13th was well balanced.

Sorry I have no pictures to share. I was going to snap my friend’s courgette, avocado and lime cake, green sponge, green icing, flower petals sprinkled on top (new cake, new experience), but oops, she ate it quickly!  You will have to use your imagination this time.


A small knit a la plage

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A little break in Normandy, France.  One afternoon, Cabourg on the coast.  A gentle breeze blew the winter blues away.  Briefly the beach was empty and perfect.


Later, pins and wool in hand, half a baby dress. This is an ongoing project but there is a time limit.

greendress1 (2)

Unfortunately due to hand trouble it is a little slower growing than I would like.

More another day …