Month: September 2013

How much is too much to do? Excuses no more.

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Who else feels bogged down with too many things to do?  I am sure it can’t just be me.  I have a house full of projects, many started, many new, many just thought about.   Where does one start?  I have been assured in the past that the best thing is just to make a list and prioritise.  Mmmm, I’ve tried that.  Last night before I lay down my weary head I wrote three things on a list to do just this morning.  Now it’s 1pm and I’ve found that list – not done any of the things on it, but I HAVE been busy for most of the day.  Tomorrow I am part of a fundraising event at work – so I’ve been baking cakes, icing cakes, sorting out plastic boxes for transportation.  I also cleaned the downstairs bathroom.  Now, when I write that down it doesn’t seem like I’ve done much… Oh and I had a mini session on the cross-trainer at home. (I am a member of the local gym but have just not got there recently and as I hate to waste money I am seriously thinking of cancelling the membership – but then, with the chance to go somewhere pleasant to exercise taken away, will I ever take up exercise properly again? dilemma!)  The list consisted of GYM, FINISH KNITTING A GARMENT, FINISH SEWING AN ITEM (specific garment/item are irrelevant for this blog unless I actually finish both, am proud of the results and photograph them).  As I said, I haven’t made the gym but I did exercise briefly whilst the cakes were baking.  Knitting, well, sometimes I feel a little guilty sitting and knitting in the daytime, even though it is perfectly ok, that’s one thing I need to get my head around! Thirdly, sewing, well the item has an error in it and I need to fix it before I continue – now, who can face a mistake head on first thing?  I need to ease myself into the day a little more pleasantly.  Excuses, Excuses, yes, today I am full of them. 

As for all the other jobs/chores around the home.  I am not working today so I have the perfect opportunity to get stuck in.  One success (I forgot to add to the activities of the day) is that there is a load of laundry on.  However, it went on late morning so by the time it’s ready to have a good blow about on the washing line half the day has passed by.  Why didn’t I put it in the machine first thing ? Then it could have blown about most of the day and actually may come in dry later rather than half dry and have to be hung around the house to finish off!  This problem will be solved at the weekend – hey, maybe I am getting a little organized?! We have a tumble dryer arriving for that errant laundry.  Am I sad to look forward to such an arrival?  A little…

My complete list I should admit, didn’t realize it was SO long – exercise, housework, gardening, health check, book spa break with best friend, shop for another friend’s  wedding gift, find a decent autumn jacket to buy, knit for fun (including finish my WIPs before I start another), knit for work (one item I need to finish off at home, not a usual thing I do but I will this one time only), sew for fun (have joined a new stitching club and so far have made half an item!), read new book (book club last night, mustn’t do what I did last month where I ended up struggling to finish the book to discuss on time), empty fridge freezer for defrosting (new one arriving with tumble dryer, too much food to be eaten before then!!!), plan diet properly, make time for lovely husband, make time for lovely son.  These jobs are in no particular order, husband and son are not relegated to the end of my priorities!  Reading back, maybe there’s too much ‘fun’ on my list? Nah, never enough!  Life is too short to do all the horrid stuff (which includes housework!).  I am also supposed to be doing an online course but have struggled and have buried my head in the sand a little about the next step.

All in all, I think I just have too much to do.  Excuses no more! Now, the washing machine has just finished – off to sort out that.  Husband away tonight so one less worry.  Son to be taken to French tutor, which means I have an hour in the car whilst I wait for him to finish – an hour to knit perhaps – one more job done!  The list gets very slightly smaller …..