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Rejection: degrading? grounding? just life?

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I read a blog post today that made me think about how being rejected helps to shape you as an individual. Unfortunately that post did not allow comment, thus my musings here.  It spoke not of romantic rejection but of the rejection of a personal creation.  In that instance it was something turned down by a publisher.

Luckily I have not suffered the same rejection, I have only dabbled when writing. I have had the odd letter published in newspapers and when I was in my 20’s I wrote to a magazine with my views on infertility wishing to remain anonymous.  When asked by that magazine to be named I turned it down and thus rejected them.  At the time remaining nameless was absolutely necessary for me.

I have encountered job rejection, though not too recently. When younger, I moved on quickly and easily.  As I got older it took longer to get over it but eventually one does and often it can lead to something better.

I had my fair share of romantic rejection in the long and distant past (who didn’t?).  At times I thought my love life would be over forever (woe oh woe!). I kissed a few frogs before finding my prince unexpectedly, and we are still together many, many moons later.

I had never particularly thought of having something I’d made (or created) being rejected. Yes, I have knitted, sewn, painted things for Table Sales or for gifts.  Some things haven’t sold and I understand others weren’t as appreciated as I hoped they would be.  I guess you could of call those as being ‘rejected’. In fact sometimes the things I loved most were the things others didn’t like at all!

Rejection is part of life.  It happens to us all.  It’s how we deal with it that makes and shapes us.  Family, friends and a strong word to oneself helps.  There is no time limit to picking yourself up and feeling better.  It’s understanding why it happened and how you get past it.  It’s embracing the new opportunity you have been given.  It is a lesson to be learned at any stage, at any age.  We can all flourish after rejection.






No 1 Knit Top Down, More NaKniCromo and Calorie Free Doughnuts too!

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Busy few days. Inspired by  amongst others I have started by first top down knitted item and I LOVE IT ! Having tried once before and failed badly, I choose small, a new baby project from –  All-In-One Sleeveless Baby Top (6 months) & (9 – 12 months) by marianna mel    With a little help from a YouTube video on understanding construction I totally get it now.

Here’s a little bit of my progress.  topdown2It’s small but more projects going on at the same time.






I have also finished another baby top – bottom up construction – needs a little steaming and a button, not as pleased with the button band as I should be, hopefully that will steam out a little.


NaKniCromo on – it’s take a lot of thinking about my dream project (Day 16) – not sure I have just one, just an image of several.  I guess premium yarns, dreams to knit without hiccups, perhaps at least one repeat of an item knit a few years ago. Oh, and of course, the price of the wool would be irrelevant or it would have been free!

Day 17 – Dream Tools – I favour Knit Pro Symfonie needles, rainbows even when knitting with boring yarn!  Day 18 – Technique I would like to master – I would like to be more adventurous with cables, though at the moment I have so much I want to knit that I choose more simple patterns that seem a lot quicker than the fantastic complicated cables I drawl over. Day 19 – More Yarn or Less yarn – More yarn, always more yarn of course. I am working on reducing my stash, whether knitting it or selling some to buy more.

Day 20 – Today – Favourite Tip or Trick – It’s ok to rip something back, don’t consider it wasted time, consider it a learning curve.  Also, mattress stitch, once learned I have never gone back to running stitch or oversewing seams.


And a little sewing – remember the last post – beige and pink circles with sewing pins. They turned into these doughnuts! And now they are available to purchase at a little lovely cafe, The Teashop at Downe, Kent.  I hope customers popping by for a tea and cake will fancy taking a Calorie Free/Sugar Free cake home for later!

So as you see, a busy few days here.



A Wintry Seaside Visit

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I am never one to be put off by wintry weather. The recent stormy weekends haven’t stopped me enjoying a spell outdoors, albeit brief and I stayed safe. There were grey skies, a whipped up sea and walking into the wind was truly like being buffered by a freezing cold super strong hair dryer, but the brightly coloured properties of Aldeburgh, Suffolk made a trip there so cheerful (plus of course the fact it was a surprise birthday treat from my hubby!).

Being a hobby knitter I love that my woolly hats and scarves were useful this weekend. I even finished my latest project before we left (just off the needles in this picture, it needed wearing to look less wrinkled!).

Growing stripes and Creative Loops

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January 13th and here’s the back of the new project

I’ve been catching up on tv missed over the Christmas season and getting on with the newest knitting project at the same time. I’ve done more than the back but when I decided to snap a photo this was the best I got in the mid afternoon light. I love there won’t be any sleeve seams to sew up (imagine a tshirt shape) but it’s a cardi so there are two fronts, they’ve each a cable, and then there’s the front edge to pick up and rib so it’s not all so simple.

January seems to be a time to catch up with things and to start anew. I belong to a lovely weekly craft group called In the Loop. Towards the end of last year we talked about a joint project, calling it ‘2020 Vision’. We thought about what that actually meant to each of us and the plan was to each create something for a communal display – few rules, mostly about colours and size but no media rules so your entry could be anything you like with anything that meant something to you – be it perfect vision, plans for the new year, seeing what others see and so on. Many of us knit, crochet or sew, others paint, draw, bead and/or enjoy a combination of all and try new crafts. Hopefully you can see quilting, rug making, painting, felting, dorset buttons, a crochet mandala and glass fusion here. My own part didn’t come to fruition and the communal display is already up in our local Southborough Library. I just wanted to share what friends had made and say how proud I am of them (and not of me!).

It was so difficult to get good photos, the display is in a window glass box, just about big enough for someone to get in and pin things up and from outside it was impossible to take photos without getting my own reflection or that of the buildings opposite!

I hope you like my groups talents.

I look forward whilst I glance back

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The start of a new project, with an unimpressed helper! Using DROPS yarn.

Returning from a New Year break in rural France I feel fired up to get on with new projects, tidy up old ones and reflect back on the successes and failures, craftwise, of 2019. A few days in the countryside with added trips to the coast has fed my imagination!

I am still on a journey to use up my stash of wool. I cast on my latest project 24th December, just after I’d finished my final Christmas gifts. Using Nepal and Alaska by DROPS Design and who doesn’t love a stripe or two?!

I was quite prolific last year, although there were gaps in creativity and not everything was a triumph. Luckily I blogged quite bit so there are truths to be told here and I realise some things didn’t even make it the page. I also learned a few things, one of which was a new crochet stitch. I have now made four things with hooks rather than knitting sticks, adding a different dimension to my crafting bow.

A mini summary of 2019 makes is:

Helping a friend with a baby knit project, knitting hats for the homeless, four baby/toddler cardigans, one set of booties, one scarf, one dreadful lacy top, handsewing a big handful of patchwork hexagons, machine sewing other patchwork (part of a throw and three elephants), bunting and Christmas decorations, two hats for a 3 year old, a baby tunic dress in clashing colours, and two crochet blankets (one a gift for MIL, brownie points here!) , and adding a big applique ‘M’ to a little girls’ book bag.

So onwards into 2020 what plans are afoot for all? Crafting – I intend to learn at least one new thing, not sure what it is yet!

A patchwork pig made for a table sale in 2019

Christmas Knits Revealed

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Toddler cardigan snapped just before I finished sewing the ends in and button on.
A colourful baby dress – I hope she likes it! I love red and pink together.

I used Milla Mia aran yarn for the red and pink, nice to knit with, perhaps a little heavier than a UK standard aran weight yarn.

There was also a pale pink beret with a cream and silver trim and a stripy ‘cat’ hat – oops they were wrapped before they were snapped. I was a bit keen when I realised I was finally done!

Merry Christmas to you all! ❤

Pretty and festive

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A little trip to Tunbridge Wells for a bit of shopping. It was a little rainy but near The Pantiles was a particularly festive jewellery shop (complete with bouncer and high prices, lovely to peep through the windows!). Can you see The Nutcracker?

And I have finally finished knitting those Christmas gifts I was working on. I can’t show and tell yet though!

Feeling a little Christmassy at last

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For several weeks there have been decorations in all the stores, piped Christmas music, festive menus in restaurants, Christmas tv ads to buy the latest must-have gift. I’ve spied homes decorated with twinkly lights since the beginning of November, all way before it felt necessary. I am not bah-humbug usually but the shine of the season has taken a while to reach me this year. Perhaps it’s been the mild weather here in the UK or the fact I am not working so I haven’t been caught up in the anticipation of office parties and Christmas Jumper Day and so on.

So happy to report ‘The Festive Spirit’ has now found me. Yay! The tree is up, looking pretty, favourite decorations taking pride of place and I’ve even had my first Christmas Turkey dinner (with friends with whom I do pub quizzes). I am also frantically knitting last minute Christmas gifts, which will be revealed at a later date after they’ve been gifted!

How festive is anyone else feeling?

Adult Life Q&A (borrowed and just for fun)

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I snagged this from Nothingbutknit2 who snagged this from Erica. I love a quiz and this one is for adults!

FINALLY an adult version. Tired of those surveys made by high school kids? Here are 23 questions for Grown Ups!! Let’s have fun!!

  1. What bill do you hate the most? Credit Card
  2. When was the last time you had a romantic dinner? November with my husband
  3. What did you really want to be when you grew up? An air hostess.
  4. How many colleges did you attend? None
  5. Why did you choose the shirt you wore today? I am staying home all day so this scruffy top will ‘do’ !
  6. What do you drive? Land Rover
  7. First thought when the alarm goes off? I want to be asleep (head goes under the pillow)
  8. Last thought you have before you go to bed? I’m tired
  9. Do you miss being a child? Often
  10. What errand/chore do you despise the most? Cleaning the oven
  11. Up early or sleep in? Sleep in
  12. Found love yet? Yes
  13. Favorite lunch meat? Corned beef
  14. What do you get every time at Walmart? Substituting a similar large type of store as I am in the UK ….. snacks I don’t actually need, they usually are in mega family sizes too!
  15. Beach or lake? Beach.
  16. Is marriage overrated? No, it’s great mostly
  17. Ever crashed a vehicle? No but been hit and had car written off
  18. Strangest place you’ve ever brushed your teeth? Bathroom of a semi derelict holiday home in the US (invited by husband’s ex colleague, had no idea it would be semi derelict – the tap water was brown, the door did not lock, we managed to stay one night fully dressed in our own clothes on top of the bed hardly slept a wink!)
  19. Name a place you’ve never been but want to go? India
  20. Do you have a go-to person? My husband mostly apart from anything to do with DIY and home improvements (there’s many a story here)
  21. Are you where you want to be in life right now? Perhaps/almost/feel there may be more to the next few undiscovered years
  22. Growing up what were your favorite cartoons? Bugs Bunny
  23. What do you think has changed about you since you have gotten older? I’m more lazy and less tolerant of others

If you’d like to join in feel free to put your answers in the comments or leave a link if you’ll be blogging them.

Just a bit of food for thought and a giggle – time out from panic knitting and sewing – still sorting last minute Christmas gifts!