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Agujas. Needles. I grew up watching my grandmother create beautiful afghans with a single crochet hook and a twist of her hand. I would sit at her side and crochet one long chain after another with…

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Check out this blog! Check out that shop Knitty Gritty! I just want to be there, right now, diving straight in! If only I had discovered this place when I was in NY three years ago…

The Simple Things… to steal good thoughts and indulge ourselves

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thesimplethingsIt was dull and raining today and I sat looking at nice things on the laptop to cheer myself up.  My first ‘nice’ selection was some photographs from last summer.

Who has seen this fantastic magazine ‘The Simple Things’?  I remember I enjoyed this particular issue and I took a photo of it as I sunbathed in my garden.The mag is an absolute delight!  It reminds us to celebrate and enjoy just that ‘The Simple Things’.  In August there were photos of lavender filled gardens, shells and beaches, just my kind of thing.   The sun was shining and I was in the countryside, yet just 15 mins drive away from a beach, ready to take a wander along the shore a little later, dipping my toes in the water and feeling the sand warm from the days rays.

Is life too busy now so most people don’t enjoy simple things? I think it is and that is so sad. So much of life is missed out on.  I think we need to all take five, or ten, look around us, take a breather, sit and think, enjoy something for it’s own sake not be entertained by technology or have something thrust upon us that needs immediate attention.

One big thing that makes me content is time spent just knitting.  Often I have music or tv on in the background but I recently sat in silence with stitches gathering on the needles, garment slowly growing (and it was slow, a fiddly lace pattern).  I knitted to gain pleasure, with the action of knitting itself and the hope that when my item was finished I think it will be appreciated by someone else.  The world seemed to stop around me, peace, quiet, it gave me time to contemplate.  I didn’t sit for too long, perhaps thirty minutes, but you could say I got more out of those thirty minutes than I had for the rest of that whole day, perhaps the whole week.  Some people meditate, some do yoga, some exercise, however you do it, don’t forget to jump off the whirling world sometimes and ‘Take time to live’ (as it says on front of the book).

A quieter week with the pointy sticks

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I’ve not been completely inactive in the woolly world in the last week.  I am trying to keep up with creating!  I made a cowl for myself (photo to follow later). ‘Another one?!’ my husband cried, ‘don’t you have loads of those things you wear round your neck?’ he of course meant cowls and scarves, though he sometimes applies the same thought to the buying of jewellery – if you’ve got some, why do you need some more?  I don’t agree with his sentiment for either woolly things or jewellery.

I also gave my sister her winter hat – her late Christmas present.jenshat1

I had promised to knit something as an IOU as I ran out of time to complete things before 25th Dec.  Big, Chunky, Double strands of yarn, furry pom pom, what’s not to love, eh?  It meant we met before Christmas so she could choose from the choice of yarn snippets I offered, not knowing what the gift would be, then we met again so I could hand the gift over.  Twice we got to lunch together, which actually worked out a month apart – that’s also part of my new me/new year plans – to make a better effort at getting together with those that matter to me.
eks-1-2    Using up my stash, more next time …eks-3-2




2017 Plans to knit and to sew and to create not just think about it !

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I just read Jenny Stilwell’s blog and it made me think how I didn’t keep up with my own 2016 plans.

I quote ‘Sewing has really fallen by the wayside in 2016 and in the coming year I will be sewing a minimum of 4 hours every week. This will be put in my calender as a normal appointment and I plan on treating it as a work date so cannot be cancelled unless I am away.’

What a great idea.  I have often felt guilty to put my creative time above other things and although I have crafted a lot over the years, I have never formally made time for it unless it has been at a club outside the home.  I have for 2 years given myself ‘me time’ at a lovely craft and coffee club on a Thursday morning – it’s a great meet up of like-minded crafters and we have crafted together and sunk many a cappucino whilst putting the world to rights.  However, it isn’t intense crafting time, distractions are indeed welcome and indeed meeting the others during that time in part is for companionship and inspiration is plentiful.  I do not give up my Thursday mornings unless there is an emergency! However, I just don’t seem to get enough actual crafting done some weeks.  I shall seriously think about popping formal crafting time into my diary just like a work appointment.  Thank you Jen, I feel almost like I have had permission to do so!  Thursdays may become the day for myself and my needles, be it knitting or sewing ones.

Saying that… I haven’t been idle since 2017 began.  Last weekend I made the most gorgeous baby blanket.  I loved it! I loved the yarn! I loved the pattern! I love the finished item!  I feel I have found delight again in knitting.  I have knitted for years, have many WIPs, have had successes and disasters, but this one project was such a pure pleasure to make. It was quick, it worked, it is a gift ready well before the gift date. It is the first of many new projects for 2017.




We still actually like each other after 25 years

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I just read someone else’s blog post about celebrating being a twosome after recently becoming parents. It was great to see some people don’t lose sight of who they were before the family came along.

I am at the other end of parenthood to this fellow blogger,with my son recently becoming an independent adult and leaving home for university. I look forward to his homecoming for holidays at ends of terms and even, if he wishes to do so, his return to the nest when the course is over in 4 years time.  However for now, we are a couple at home, not a threesome.  We are discovering what it is like to live once again just considering each other.  I am lucky to say we actually still like each other and find plenty to talk about, occasionally even surprising each other with things we never knew about the other. That’s not bad 25 years after we met, after 24 years of living together and 23 years of marriage!

When I think back to the heady first years of our relationship I have wonderful memories.  After a few years we were fortunate to become parents, something we yearned for for a long time before it actually happened and the memories of that time and the following 18 years of being parents are wonderful too.  I am not kidding myself, there were challenges along the whole journey, times when life seemed really difficult and frustrating, but we have always recovered with love and laughter.

We have enjoyed plenty of time together ‘a deux’ during the years.  We can reminisce, we giggle about the past, things we have done, people we have met, places we have been to.  But we are talking about the ‘now’, about the future, things we want to do, places we want to visit.  We have just returned from a romantic break away, a week of indulgence for the two of us, somewhere we hadn’t been before, meeting new people and we are already talking about the next trips away.

I am onto the next great chapter in life and that is truly cause for celebration.

Fireworks as we celebrated our son’s 18th birthday this summer, before he left for his new journey too.sam183

Working Week Over, Yahay to a few days r&r, Fleeing the nest syndrome

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My short ‘real’ working week of two days is over – hip hip hooray! I got over the sleepiness of the first 40 minutes of the first working day this week (see last blog post).

I am not always so celebratory but we might not be at home too much for the next few days.  No 1 son (and only son, say those who know me) has recently fled the nest (boo hoo for me but hooray for him).  After the first week and a half away at University we have finally had an actual online chat (with video) with him rather than barely-there texts.  I was feeling neglected, I had a six word text after 5 days (I remember when he only knew six words!)  He looks ok – tired – still getting over freshers week (in the UK at most Universities this means a whole week of boozy partying).  I think he has been taking freshers seriously (seriously partying….!).

So what are mum and dad up to (that’s us)?  Occasionally wandering around the house wondering what this ‘new’ life of ours is all about.  Starting to enjoy it a bit. Not that he was ever in the way, of course.  But, as other parents of teenagers will confirm, they get to a certain age when they lounge around a lot and stay up later than you!  It’s been a summer of lounging and late nights (him, not us!).

So, ahead of us for the next few days lie long walks on a beach (weather permitting, love a bit of breeze or sunshine, or both, but not walks in the rain).  Good food, the odd tipple and lots of knitting in front of a log fire when the chilly evenings kick in.  Bliss.

Will post pics of knitting next week.  I aim to finish at least one WIP.  It could be the going away blanket I never finished – and it is promised for the next time we actually see No 1 son (hopefully before Christmas if he can tear himself away from the really cool friends he’s already made at Uni.  Oh to be that age, but with my knowledge.

What’s This Blog About ANYWAY?! | New Adventures in Vulnerability…

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Hey, looks interesting already.  My blog has definitely been more sporadic and unplanned!  As for parenting expertise – still practising and my son is 18 years old not 18 months!  he he he