Month: December 2019

Christmas Knits Revealed

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Toddler cardigan snapped just before I finished sewing the ends in and button on.
A colourful baby dress – I hope she likes it! I love red and pink together.

I used Milla Mia aran yarn for the red and pink, nice to knit with, perhaps a little heavier than a UK standard aran weight yarn.

There was also a pale pink beret with a cream and silver trim and a stripy ‘cat’ hat – oops they were wrapped before they were snapped. I was a bit keen when I realised I was finally done!

Merry Christmas to you all! ❤

Pretty and festive

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A little trip to Tunbridge Wells for a bit of shopping. It was a little rainy but near The Pantiles was a particularly festive jewellery shop (complete with bouncer and high prices, lovely to peep through the windows!). Can you see The Nutcracker?

And I have finally finished knitting those Christmas gifts I was working on. I can’t show and tell yet though!

Feeling a little Christmassy at last

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For several weeks there have been decorations in all the stores, piped Christmas music, festive menus in restaurants, Christmas tv ads to buy the latest must-have gift. I’ve spied homes decorated with twinkly lights since the beginning of November, all way before it felt necessary. I am not bah-humbug usually but the shine of the season has taken a while to reach me this year. Perhaps it’s been the mild weather here in the UK or the fact I am not working so I haven’t been caught up in the anticipation of office parties and Christmas Jumper Day and so on.

So happy to report ‘The Festive Spirit’ has now found me. Yay! The tree is up, looking pretty, favourite decorations taking pride of place and I’ve even had my first Christmas Turkey dinner (with friends with whom I do pub quizzes). I am also frantically knitting last minute Christmas gifts, which will be revealed at a later date after they’ve been gifted!

How festive is anyone else feeling?

Adult Life Q&A (borrowed and just for fun)

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I snagged this from Nothingbutknit2 who snagged this from Erica. I love a quiz and this one is for adults!

FINALLY an adult version. Tired of those surveys made by high school kids? Here are 23 questions for Grown Ups!! Let’s have fun!!

  1. What bill do you hate the most? Credit Card
  2. When was the last time you had a romantic dinner? November with my husband
  3. What did you really want to be when you grew up? An air hostess.
  4. How many colleges did you attend? None
  5. Why did you choose the shirt you wore today? I am staying home all day so this scruffy top will ‘do’ !
  6. What do you drive? Land Rover
  7. First thought when the alarm goes off? I want to be asleep (head goes under the pillow)
  8. Last thought you have before you go to bed? I’m tired
  9. Do you miss being a child? Often
  10. What errand/chore do you despise the most? Cleaning the oven
  11. Up early or sleep in? Sleep in
  12. Found love yet? Yes
  13. Favorite lunch meat? Corned beef
  14. What do you get every time at Walmart? Substituting a similar large type of store as I am in the UK ….. snacks I don’t actually need, they usually are in mega family sizes too!
  15. Beach or lake? Beach.
  16. Is marriage overrated? No, it’s great mostly
  17. Ever crashed a vehicle? No but been hit and had car written off
  18. Strangest place you’ve ever brushed your teeth? Bathroom of a semi derelict holiday home in the US (invited by husband’s ex colleague, had no idea it would be semi derelict – the tap water was brown, the door did not lock, we managed to stay one night fully dressed in our own clothes on top of the bed hardly slept a wink!)
  19. Name a place you’ve never been but want to go? India
  20. Do you have a go-to person? My husband mostly apart from anything to do with DIY and home improvements (there’s many a story here)
  21. Are you where you want to be in life right now? Perhaps/almost/feel there may be more to the next few undiscovered years
  22. Growing up what were your favorite cartoons? Bugs Bunny
  23. What do you think has changed about you since you have gotten older? I’m more lazy and less tolerant of others

If you’d like to join in feel free to put your answers in the comments or leave a link if you’ll be blogging them.

Just a bit of food for thought and a giggle – time out from panic knitting and sewing – still sorting last minute Christmas gifts!

Quilting Project: A decade in and still making

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An untidy photo… A project I started when I worked in a haberdashery/ fabric shop about ten years ago. I helped customers choose fabrics for their own projects and it was so tempting to spend much of my salary on fabrics for me too. I didn’t get very far in the making at that actual time, a big pile of hexies, a vague plan that I may end up with a patchwork cushion. Then I left the job, I looked at what I’d got and the wonkiness of my attempts went into the pile of UFOs. Enthusiasm took a super nose dive.

Over the next few years I occasionally revisited the pile. It always reminded me of my late Nan who’d taught me English Paper Piecing. She had a penchant for wonkiness! Sometimes purchasing a little fabric if I came across autumn shades with a flora and fauna theme turned the cushion plan into a sofa throw plan. It grew very slowly and only very occasionally. I even blogged about it once. (I am a knitter and a Mum, life just takes over!) .

Lately I dived back into the box of hexies. I realised a reason this project wasn’t one I was desperate to finish – I had all these groups of hexagons and there was one round of hexies that didn’t sit well with the others – so I took it off the pile and new enthusiasm just leapt out at me. With the help of a friend with a good eye for colour I even went and found the perfect shade to (hopefully) meld them all together.

A little progress, reusing greetings cards as templates. I re-enjoy messages sent to our house. Somewhat fitting right now as there are Christmas cards amongst the pile.

Here’s a bit more, with the olive-y shade marrying the larger hexies. I DO know there may be another few years (hopefully not ten!) before I finish this project. Handsewing is very time-consuming, sewing in good light is an issue, finding my glasses sometimes is too (!), wonkiness is definitely a big part (I am learning to ‘wiggle’ the joins where necessary). It is not perfect but it’s perfect for me in many ways. Not only do I get ‘Nan’ memories, I see messages of kindness within the cards and I think perhaps this hasn’t been a total waste of time and money. I may ask for advice here for borders and finishing when the time comes.

There’s an imminent need for a pause to this project again. I have knitted Christmas presents to complete and as that date is immovable (and the children may grow so their gifts can’t be gifted to them next year) I must dash back to those and return to my quilting indulgence right after.

Bye for now.