Month: March 2020

Quarantine Q&A and a bit more

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Karen at posted another great Q & A on her blog, and I thought I’d share it and my answers here after reading about it on QuiteA too. Pop over there if you don’t know them already – always interesting stuff to read at both lovely sites. The world of blogging works wonders to take our minds off what else is going on around the world.

Karen’s questions:

How are you filling your time at home? Are you cleaning out your closets? Crafting? Maybe trying out new recipes?
Have you discovered anything worth watching? My local cable company is offering up free channels, is yours? Have you trying anything you’d like to recommend?
Have you found a silver lining to this whole stay at home thing?
Have you found a blog post that’s been particularly inspiring to you? Please share. It doesn’t have to be coronavirus related, inspirational is the only requirement.
And my answers:

Is it poor to admit there’s been a fair amount of tv watching? I have a good excuse, my hubby has been recovering from an operation of two weeks ago. He is usually such a busy bee but this is one way to make sure he rests a bit and if I stay with him he actually sits! We have discovered new box sets and a new tv series. On Netflix we started The Crown from the beginning, so far seen 11, entertaining but also like a history lesson, then there was a Finnish drama Deadwind , complete with subtitles, kind of heavy but watchable but one you can’t knit to as you have to concentrate. The second series of Liar has been on too – up to date with that, two new episodes over the next two weeks to come. I remembered I enjoyed the first series but had to keep pausing these episodes to explain who was who to my husband who kept asking ‘is this now or is this from the last series’ (!)

I’ve been knitting as well, oddly not as much as I thought I would have been, though I have two projects near my ‘tv chair’, a blanket and a mermaid I have already blogged about (see my own last post).

As for cooking and eating, it seems each day revolves around meal times. I am encouraging my husband and son to get more involved in choosing what we have – though at times it might have been simpler to just get on with it myself. As I look at the devastation after meal times I see why and I also notice a glass of wine accompanies my husband at each dinner prep. I reckoned if they got involved then I wouldn’t feel like the housekeeper who cooked and cleaned up after everyone … still wondering how wise the cooking part is, maybe I am more comfortable ‘owning’ the kitchen. Has anyone else had certain roles within the household highlighted to them in this way?

I had a giggle at ‘are you clearing out your closet’. Have to say I have thought about it more than once but no action yet.

A silver lining – yes there is one. My son is 22 and recently not been tuned into what happens at home. Truthfully who isn’t selfish at that age? I know I was, I thought my parents were as old as the hills and remembered nothing about being in their 20’s (oh the self-centredness of youth!). I was bemoaning that my son’s childhood was long gone. Hah! Since we have been told to stay home we three seem to be gelling more and it’s really nice to have him ‘back’ albeit a more mature version. I am thankful we are all together right now.

One last thing – I sit here looking out of my window at the snow – yes, snow is falling! We’ve had a lovely sunny week and taken a walk everyday, been gardening too. I think it’s a day to sit indoors and knit today. Hurrah!

So how are you doing with all this? If you want to play along, share your answers in the comments, or on your own blog. If you do share in a post, please link so we can go read your answers!

Keep safe everyone.

All the best from my armchair.

Tina x

Another knitting project. Too much admiration and inspiration?

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I am not ignoring what is going on, just trying to think about something else and not drive myself to an early grave through worry. In the current climate we are all very concerned about what the future holds, what is going on where we live, in our town, in our own country, where our loved ones are. We watch the news and we read online about the scale of Covid-19 and wonder what the future holds. We want to feel safe, we want others to be safe too.

There are positives to being told to stay home and for that I am thankful. Many of us are spending more quality time family time together, mine included. Although my husband was at home anyway recuperating from a planned operation my son is now at home too and we have had longer, chattier meal times, remembered past fun times, made new memories and as well have had serious mature discussions.

We’ve also had more free time, for me that usually means crafting and I consider myself very lucky. I have, of course, knitting and sewing projects already in progress. I am still enjoying them, mostly. My chevron blanket, above, is already past it’s longest row (thank goodness, that middle section grew so slowly). But, being online more in general leads me to meander to craft sites (think, Pinterest, etc) and to discover more things I want/need to make! I know I am not alone with this. My usual weekly craft group is now only socially online and we are all sharing the inspirations we find and doing ‘show and tell’ on our social media platforms too.

It may look like it’s the start of a watermelon-y thing, but this is actually going to be a knitted mermaid! Pattern downloaded online from

And then there’s the Crochet-Along I just heard about, starts next month … that could be a self-challenge as I am a very basic crocheter but given that there may be more time available maybe I should make myself learn something new? ..

And then there’s a new baby due in the family in two months, I haven’t finished the quilted baby gift yet. Top is pieced but that’s about all so far …

And then there’s another family baby due in the summer. I just saw the cutest pattern to knit a newborn hoodie and I know I have enough yarn in my stash … and another blanket pattern just took my eye …

What’s everyone else making during these troubled times to take their mind temporarily off what’s going on out there?

As the light changed at the beach ..

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Alongside the grey, rainy, cold days of last week were a couple full of sunshine and warmth. Then there were those which combined a bit of everything. I took off to the beach to enjoy what I thought would be a full day of the latter two and got the combination!

Whitstable is always a special place for me. I drove with brilliant rays streaming through the car window. Arriving in nearby Tankerton I intended to walk along the beach past vibrant beach huts into Whitstable town itself. The skies had blackened. Within minutes it was raining too hard to consider walking!

The skies upon arrival.

I went to park somewhere closer to town which meant I found somewhere quicker to ‘rest’ out of the rain (I mean, eat cake!).

The sun popped back up later so after a mooch in and out of the shops I sat on a groyne, face raised to the sky. I was there quite some time, even as the sun dropped. Bliss!

This was my favourite day last week. As for the crafting – knitting is a little slow but there is progress. Making it from corner to corner I think I am now on the longest part so a row takes nearly ten minutes! This will be a lap blanket one day.