Quilted beginning of something .. a few weeks of creation and a show of textile artistry.

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Quilted beginning of something

I haven’t decided what it’s going to be yet!


I just discovered this draft blog post from a while ago – I was ‘cleaning’ up things on my laptop – I can’t believe I missed posting this.  I guess at the time my blogging practice was poor or the internet signal failed and I just didn’t remember to press ‘send’ .  What a fail!

Well, this lovely piece of patchwork turned into a sewing machine cover.  I have been sewing quite a lot over the last two weeks and every time I reveal my machine it brings me a little delight.

I have a Juki HZL-e80 machine purchased a few years ago from World of Sewing in Bromley, Kent.

Yesterday, whilst sewing with a friend – a lovely day spent together quilting – more to follow on my next post about that – we were chatting about what we like about our machines and why we bought them.  For me, it was several things – the automatic needle threader,  thread cutter attachment, the use of a stop/start button as an alternative to a foot pedal, the fact you can slow the sewing speed down (from hare to a tortoise!), the selection of embroidery stitches, the weight of the machine – at the time it was a huge leap up from my second hand old Singer which had been struggling on for eons!  I guess, you can make more with the correct tools.  I was so fed up with my old machine grabbing the thread around the bobbin spool and it was clunky and so heavy to move from the cupboard to the table.

I am so inspired by what I see friends make and from the online world, either through blogs or Pinterest (there’s how to lose a few hours!).  I have been loving my latest creative weeks – there are not enough hours in the day to sew and to knit!  I am between ‘real’ jobs and it’s been marvellous to just enjoy creating and trying to use some of my fabric and yarn stash.

I love to see what others make – even considered eventually opening my own Etsy shop, but that’s a long way off.

At a recent trip to a local craft fair – a recce to see what sells (!) – there was a fantastic textile exhibition.  I loved one person’s work in particular, which included a mini hexagan patchwork quilt (no photo here), embroidery of the most colourful kind, and other embroideries on reclaimed antimassacars !  Adding just a few photos – on this occasion real snapshots only.

I hope you like what you see here.


One baby knit done !

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One baby knit done !

Ta dah! Baby pink cardi and hat finished.

Crazy felted hearts

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Crazy felted hearts

I was just tidying my laptop files and came across this photo of some slightly wacky knitted hearts I made a year or so ago. I was practicising short row shaping and used some thick felting yarn. It was rather fun and since the yarn was variegated all the hearts came out looking very differently. It’s great to have had time to play a little with sticks and yarn.
At the moment I don’t feel I have much time to just play. I seem to run around like a headless chicken most weeks, chasing one thing after another and not getting much done.

Last week I didn’t keep up with my knitting projects as well as I’d hoped, and over this weekend I didn’t pick up the needles at all! I had a fabulous Spa Break away with a friend, relaxing, reading, swimming and chilling, but the new project I took to start at a quiet moment didn’t even make it out of the bag. The new project is a baby gift for a little one due in January – that gives me a few weeks to fit in the making of it inbetween the finishing off of the current WIP. I think I might need to give up sleep to fit it all in!


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Classic Fabric – time to string out the bunting!

Striped Knitted Baby Hoodie

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Striped Knitted Baby Hoodie

Ta – dah! Here’s the photo of the finished article!