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ImageI had to cease knitting of the green top temporarily having discovered what looked like an error on the pattern.  Grumble, grumps, darn, etc …..  However, I emailed the pattern publisher, who came back to me very quickly and I’ve now been reassured it’s not an error and it will work out if I just keep on knitting.  My knowledge of garment structure is being tested and I hope to enjoy a new experience here, revealing the finished garment soon(ish). Today it’s time to get back to ‘the green’ project (I decided to give it a name, it means it differentiates what knitting bag I pick up when I move from knitting venue to knitting venue).  That’s an hour planned to myself in the car this afternoon whilst waiting for my son at his tutor’s house.

So, having had a little break from ‘the green project’ this week what jumped upon new needles was a ‘baby pink project’, photo here.  This was supposed to be a very simple quick knit, which it is, but it has made me review how neat my garter stitch only style is (or isn’t).  I am hoping with completion and blocking I shall be more impressed with it than I am now.  I have not made anything solely garter for a long time. It was reminiscent of early knitting and the yellow teddy I made when I was 7 years old.  I hope my style has got a lot better since then. Oh how I wish I had kept that first knitting project. If only we knew which things would seem important in years to come.  I don’t even have a photo of it. 

Apart from the knitting, life is incredibly busy, although I did pop a lovely relaxing book club meeting in to my schedule last night.  It was great to meet up with the other members, chat about books and other stuff.  I think the one male member of our group was very patient when we set off at a tangent briefly (he may say not so briefly!) and talked about knitting and sewing, bless him, we did steer back round to things we all have in common eventually.

Work, well for me, yesterday was the penultimate day there.  Friday is my last session.  Getting slightly concerned now about the future, but pleased the month is almost over.  I feel I need to plan my time properly, and need time in which to do the planning!  Anyone else feel like that?  


Beyond a granny square …

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attimowrapbluegreencowlFinished my latest WIP – a lovely chunky crochet cowl (20mm hook!).  This is my first crochet beyond a granny square.  It wasn’t as if I needed a new project, yet the yarn and mystery pattern was given to me so I felt obliged to start it – and then actually finish it in double time too! Wow

Now sitting here in my lounge I have forced myself to ‘rediscover’ a chunky knitted wrap I’d been working on in September.  I had the yarn very cheaply from an ‘end of bin sale’, started, then realized it wasn’t going to go as far as I’d hoped it would.  Of course (just my luck) it was out of manufacture so I searched on ebay and came across more, yet a different colourway.  I have put the two together to see if I like it, and it’s growing on me (and growing today in reality) yet I am not sure it will really be ‘me’.  I can’t bear to undo so much so I shall continue and hopefully finish it this week or at least by the weekend.

Having said that (I kind of promise myself to finish another WIP again ….. ha ha ….. so much temptation out there and so many other things I should be doing), I have a couple of projects I need to start and complete as gifts before Christmas.  My teenage son is desperately nurturing his furry upper lip, hoping a moustache would grow for ‘Mo-vember’ this year – it didn’t – so I want to make him a finger-tache for a jokey Christmas gift so he doesn’t worry next year!  Also, I fished out a lovely oldish pattern for a baby set from a charity shop the other day and fancy giving it a go. If I ever get round to it I shall try and sell some homemade on line, rather than do them for myself and for gifts!

So today, knit a bit, tidy a bit (hubby might be home a day early from a business trip – I must try and be more housewifey!), after another cup of coffee that is….

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New Project Pic
New Project Pic

As if I needed to add to the looooonnnng list of WIPs! Ha Ha! …..

So I have a new project on the go.  This time it’s because a new baby is imminent in the New Year – not mine – the offspring of my husband’s work colleague.  They have been assured it will be a little girl so I am knitting in pink.  I don’t usually do such boy/girl real colours just in case the medics get it wrong but I just couldn’t resist this deep pink and I love knitting with Rico baby yarn. I shall chart my progress here.  (I shall keep my fingers crossed they do have a girl.  I spoke to a customer who made a ‘girl’ cardigan for her ‘grand-daughter’ this past spring.  ‘She’ turned out to be a ‘he’!)

As for what else I have been doing for the rest of the week – well, up to my neck being busy doing lots of things.  I popped into work for a couple of days.  Nothing much out of the ordinary there.  We are usually a little busier this time of year but I am sure with the predicted colder weather we shall have some customers coming in to panic buy yarn to knit up quickly. I plan to knit a lot this weekend, in between shopping for new bathroom fittings and visiting the out-laws!

I have been day-dreaming a lot this week.  I think it’s got a lot to do with last weekend’s trip away with an old friend.  We talked about what our hopes and dreams had been when we were in our late teens/early twenties.  I realized I had not fulfilled many of them.  I am hoping there is still time to do a lot of them.  Life sure does whizz by at an incredible rate these days.  My Nan always used to say life goes quicker the older you get!