Crafting, sharing, beach huts and bunting

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Crafting can be a solitary past time.  To sit and craft (knit/crochet/sew/other) may be therapeutic, peaceful, often perfect ‘me time”. Occasionally it’s a good thing, especially if something’s not working out and one might curse and grumble a little! (Or is that just me? …)

However, sometimes sharing crafting time can be so much fun. I belong to a creative group which meets regularly.  Sometimes I meet with individual friends and craft too, perhaps try out something new.  That’s what I’ve done already this week – tried something new to me.  I am not an artist or painter.  I’ve had a creative date with a good friend.  It was a giggle,  it was inspirational, it was a wonderful afternoon.


I painted a mini canvas, stamped patterns on the yellow sand, stamped beach huts and bunting on card, coloured those in,  designed a fishing pole (cocktail stick, so you can imagine this canvas is about 6″ square).  I attached a fish trinket as if just line caught.  A tiny shell gave more 3D seaside detail.  This will be finding a special place in my home to always give me a little bit of beach. I love a beach!

I hope to make more canvas art in future.  It was so difficult to choose just one design. What inspires you to try a new craft?