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Not much knitting going on so far this week

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Back from holiday, rested….. well that feeling didn’t last too long.  How is it that if you cope with being too busy at one time you tend to carry on getting busier and busier until something gives?  As soon as I logged onto a knitting forum I belong to there was a little worry to deal with. Then my first visit to work started to become a little tense at one point.  I haven’t slept well since I’ve been back either – mind you that could be down to hubby’s incredible snoring.  We were away together last week (rather than him being away and me being stuck at home!), however his snoring did not, and usually doesn’t, bother me.  Well, last night I sat up late on the laptop whilst he headed off to bed a little earlier. I thought a herd of elephants had landed in the bedroom after just five minutes – the snorting I could hear!!  His friends all wonder how on earth we’ve been together so long (23 years).  I think once I am asleep nothing disturbs me.  However, as I said, I heard him before I headed up to bed and knew it would take me a while to drop off!

So what was I doing staying up late when I was already overtired?  After work I dashed home, threw dinner together, caught up with my son over the meal, hearing all about his day at school (he did ‘nothing much’, he said, of course he’s a teenager!).  Then off to knit club for a couple of hours, a nice giggle with friends. When I came home I chatted to hubby for a while, checked my emails, then the knitting forum too ( .  It’s amazing how much time you can ‘lose’ on line. 

Hardly any knitting done at all yesterday, apart from 16 rows at knit club.  For once most of us actually knitted and chatted.  It’s a lovely group.  One great family come along – a girl in her 20’s, her mum in her 50’s and her Nan who we think is in her 80’s, but of course we haven’t asked Nana Pat herself as that is just too impolite.  The rest of us are a mix of ages and abiltiies.  Some are more proficient knitters than others.  We just enjoy the camaraderie and inspiration.

Signing off for now.