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Lovely blogger Postcard from Gibraltar tagged me a Blue Sky Tag – thank you so much for the nomination and for making me feel truly part of the blogging community.



Not so much ‘blue sky’ to share with you today though, it’s grey, windy and rainy here is Kent this Thursday aftenoon.


The tag is a fun event which runs throughout June, and requires me to answer 11 questions about myself and then nominate 11 other bloggers for the same award (in my case, a few less bloggers!)


So here goes, I hope I don’t bore you senseless!


1. What do you most enjoy about blogging?

It makes me feel I am not wasting my life away.  Sometimes when a person asks you what you’ve actually been up to, you can’t recall much of significance or even anything they would be interested in. Posting shows I actually got up to something!

2. What made you start your blog and how long have you been doing it?


I had a lull between jobs, had read a few interesting blog posts and thought it was a great way to share my own love of crafts and love of life.  I started slow three years ago, been a little sporadic, I hope have got a lot better!

3. What most attracts you to a blog and what makes you keep reading it?

Humour, skilled craft show off (or admission of defeat is good too – we are all human!), great photos, written well, punchy (hate spelling errors!)

4. What other hobbies and pastimes do you enjoy?

I post about my hobbies, knitting, stitching, reading, France and the seaside.  I like a laugh with friends. I like movies, theatre and eating out too.  Some bloggers post pics of dinners – I wouldn’t have time as I eat too quickly!

5. Given your time over, without any restrictions, what would be your ideal job? Why?

I would love to have had a better education, learnt craft skills thoroughly, have a well paid business selling things I make rather than things for others to make things with (current job).  Or of course, as my friends and I sometimes say after a couple of glasses wine, we should ‘run the country’… as in become Queen of England/Prime Minister/Chief of Police …

I’m the one with the blue hair, pink hat, viking hat, red feathers – think we were planning to run the country that day !

6. Which new country would you like to visit?

Fairly recently, Joanna Lumley has done two great series on Japan – so Japan goes on my list.  I also fancy more Caribbean locations such at Guadeloupe so I could enjoy the sunshine and practice my french – guess that combines two of my loves so that might be perfect!

7. What is playing in your headphones right now? Music, podcast, audio book?

Fleetwood Mac, Tango in the Night in the car today – hubby hates FM so I enjoy blasting it out when driving alone.  Reminds me of being 17 and playing it all the time. Feeling slightly old now reminiscing about being 17, stories I could tell – er, maybe I will leave that until another day!

8. What is your favourite book and why?

I just can’t choose one – so changing the rules it’s going to be 2 books.

Still Alice by Lisa Genova – the sad decline of a highly intelligent lecturer who suffers from early onset dementia.  A revealing read to me, well written and recommend it to everyone.

Image result for a room with a view book cover

Secondly, the classic, Room with A View by E M Forster.  I read this as a teenager, could read it time and again. It brings to life the romance of Florence and an era of restrictions and tentative love.  Just found this review — I have very similar views, though I visited Florence years later, looked everywhere for a ‘Lucy Honeychurch’ or  a ‘Mr Emerson Junior’.



9. If you could go to any point in history to witness it for yourself, when and where would that be?

I would quite like to be in the crowd watching Queen Elizabeth II come out of Westminster Abbey having just been crowned in 1953.  It would have been incredibly exciting and as many families didn’t own TVs and we would never have seen such celebration on a grand scale, let alone in colour.

10. If you could eat anything for your next meal, what would it be?

Best memory of best meal, sitting in a treehouse eating curry in Mauritius on our honeymoon.  Can I say that meal again and in the same location?

11. I’m writing this while watching Glastonbury, what would your dream gig line-up be?

From my past, great concerts from Alison Moyet and Sade – so those two for moods and blues and an 80’s blast.  Coldplay for energy and musings. Ed Sheeran for a  bit of something modern and because he’s ginger (have ginger family and friends!).  Phil Collins – loved most things he has ever played – voice from my past and he is currently touring too and is still great. Adele – love her voice and her songs are so emotionally raw (wish I had tickets for tonight at Wembley!). Could go on.  In fact I might just spend the evening playing some of these.

Image result for alison moyetImage result for sade

Image result for ed sheeran Image result for adele

That’s me done.  I hope you enjoyed my 11 answers.  Now for nominating my choice of bloggers. I do hope you will join in, I won’t be offended if you prefer to give it a miss or if you have already been nominated by someone else.


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My 11 questions are similar to those posed by Postcard from Gibraltar

  1. What do you enjoy most about blogging?
  2. What made you blog and what do you enjoy most about it?
  3. What attracts you to a blog and why do you keep reading it?
  4. Other hobbies and pastimes?
  5. Without restrictions, what would be your ideal job and why?
  6. Which new country would you like to visit?
  7. Currently on your headphones/music player? Music, Audio book,  podcast
  8. What is your favourite book and why?
  9. If you could go back in history, where would you be?
  10. What would your next meal be if you could chose and time/place/budget was unlimited?
  11. What were you doing right before you read this blue tag post?  What will you do right after post your 11 answers? Ok, that’s 2 questions…..