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Working Week Over, Yahay to a few days r&r, Fleeing the nest syndrome

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My short ‘real’ working week of two days is over – hip hip hooray! I got over the sleepiness of the first 40 minutes of the first working day this week (see last blog post).

I am not always so celebratory but we might not be at home too much for the next few days.  No 1 son (and only son, say those who know me) has recently fled the nest (boo hoo for me but hooray for him).  After the first week and a half away at University we have finally had an actual online chat (with video) with him rather than barely-there texts.  I was feeling neglected, I had a six word text after 5 days (I remember when he only knew six words!)  He looks ok – tired – still getting over freshers week (in the UK at most Universities this means a whole week of boozy partying).  I think he has been taking freshers seriously (seriously partying….!).

So what are mum and dad up to (that’s us)?  Occasionally wandering around the house wondering what this ‘new’ life of ours is all about.  Starting to enjoy it a bit. Not that he was ever in the way, of course.  But, as other parents of teenagers will confirm, they get to a certain age when they lounge around a lot and stay up later than you!  It’s been a summer of lounging and late nights (him, not us!).

So, ahead of us for the next few days lie long walks on a beach (weather permitting, love a bit of breeze or sunshine, or both, but not walks in the rain).  Good food, the odd tipple and lots of knitting in front of a log fire when the chilly evenings kick in.  Bliss.

Will post pics of knitting next week.  I aim to finish at least one WIP.  It could be the going away blanket I never finished – and it is promised for the next time we actually see No 1 son (hopefully before Christmas if he can tear himself away from the really cool friends he’s already made at Uni.  Oh to be that age, but with my knowledge.