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Crazy felted hearts

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Crazy felted hearts

I was just tidying my laptop files and came across this photo of some slightly wacky knitted hearts I made a year or so ago. I was practicising short row shaping and used some thick felting yarn. It was rather fun and since the yarn was variegated all the hearts came out looking very differently. It’s great to have had time to play a little with sticks and yarn.
At the moment I don’t feel I have much time to just play. I seem to run around like a headless chicken most weeks, chasing one thing after another and not getting much done.

Last week I didn’t keep up with my knitting projects as well as I’d hoped, and over this weekend I didn’t pick up the needles at all! I had a fabulous Spa Break away with a friend, relaxing, reading, swimming and chilling, but the new project I took to start at a quiet moment didn’t even make it out of the bag. The new project is a baby gift for a little one due in January – that gives me a few weeks to fit in the making of it inbetween the finishing off of the current WIP. I think I might need to give up sleep to fit it all in!


Not much knitting going on so far this week

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Back from holiday, rested….. well that feeling didn’t last too long.  How is it that if you cope with being too busy at one time you tend to carry on getting busier and busier until something gives?  As soon as I logged onto a knitting forum I belong to there was a little worry to deal with. Then my first visit to work started to become a little tense at one point.  I haven’t slept well since I’ve been back either – mind you that could be down to hubby’s incredible snoring.  We were away together last week (rather than him being away and me being stuck at home!), however his snoring did not, and usually doesn’t, bother me.  Well, last night I sat up late on the laptop whilst he headed off to bed a little earlier. I thought a herd of elephants had landed in the bedroom after just five minutes – the snorting I could hear!!  His friends all wonder how on earth we’ve been together so long (23 years).  I think once I am asleep nothing disturbs me.  However, as I said, I heard him before I headed up to bed and knew it would take me a while to drop off!

So what was I doing staying up late when I was already overtired?  After work I dashed home, threw dinner together, caught up with my son over the meal, hearing all about his day at school (he did ‘nothing much’, he said, of course he’s a teenager!).  Then off to knit club for a couple of hours, a nice giggle with friends. When I came home I chatted to hubby for a while, checked my emails, then the knitting forum too ( .  It’s amazing how much time you can ‘lose’ on line. 

Hardly any knitting done at all yesterday, apart from 16 rows at knit club.  For once most of us actually knitted and chatted.  It’s a lovely group.  One great family come along – a girl in her 20’s, her mum in her 50’s and her Nan who we think is in her 80’s, but of course we haven’t asked Nana Pat herself as that is just too impolite.  The rest of us are a mix of ages and abiltiies.  Some are more proficient knitters than others.  We just enjoy the camaraderie and inspiration.

Signing off for now. 

Tuesday’s Knitting Stuff

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I managed just 8 rows after breakfast then general chores took over!  I have one wristie that is dying to be finished – or is it me that is dying to finish it?  It’s my 4th pair in the same pattern.  I have interspersed them with other projects so it’s not been a chore.  After all, isn’t knitting supposed to be relaxing and therapeutic.  I told myself once that if it became a chore I wouldn’t continue with it, whatever ‘it’ is.  I have several unfinished projects ….. I WILL FINISH THEM one day!

I have sorted out a few patterns torn from magazines today.  Does that count as ‘knitting stuff’?  I think it does.  I have plans to use up some of my stash but am heading out shortly to take a look at some more yarn somewhere …… I wonder if any might make it into my shopping bag? 

A true knitter has more than one project on the go.  Do you agree?   Sometimes you need something simple, sometimes a little more challenging, sometimes there is a deadline to meet, sometimes you just want to relax and the first thing you do is pick up the pins.  I often have ‘sometimes’.

I look forward to reading about others knits and things this week (well, always actually).  I will pop a pic or two on my blog this week, just need to charge up those camera batteries again.

Happy relaxing.  Happy Tuesday!

Blogging Month

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Did I just read somewhere that November is ‘National Blog Posting Month’? (National meaning UK or elsewhere?  I can’t actually find much on line about it – does that mean there will or won’t be more blog action? )  

I’ve not been blogging for a while, shame on me. However, I’ve just had a little holiday in my lovely part of France – and as usual it became days of relaxation and contemplation.  A few days there equates to a two week holiday at home in the R&R stakes even when the weather is not at fine as you hoped it might be.  There is no tv, no internet (and it is NOT like having an arm cut off, it is a deliberate way of life) and no work for me apart from a little gardening and keeping house. Somehow I can switch most of my troubles off and spend time thinking of better (and possibly alternative) ways to deal with them when I return home. 

I took a selection of books with me, including one about using social media in a better way for business.  I didn’t quite consider this ‘work’ as it is part of course I am studying, plus it may help me set up a new business in future.  My ‘marketing’ skills may be a little out of date so it’s time to make sure I understand how the world now works! It’s a minefield, and I guess Likeable Social Media by Dave Kerpen won’t be the only book I shall need to read although so far it is very informative and also very readable.

I also took knitting – yay – more time to knit!  I knit every day at home if I can but I just knit more when I am away.  I made two pairs of gloves and great inroads into another warm and cosy jumper for the winter season.  My husband and son sometimes despair over my ‘woolly world’ but I like it.  My job is in a yarn shop, my home life is also swathed in wool!

Now, before I started this blog today I re-read my last post.  At the time I think I was so overwhelmed with life.  I am happy to say my ‘list’ from September is shorter, although of course I have another ‘list’ of things to do which doesn’t feel so daunting.  As well as the usual general house-y things (housework, gardening, etc) I have had a health check (all fine – why was I putting off that when it was pain free and results returned within 4 days?!), I am off to a spa break this weekend, the wedding gift was purchased and given and a lovely jacket has found it’s way into my wardrobe. The fridge was defrosted and new one is in the kitchen, the diet is going well, I finished last month’s book club book in good time and even wrote a mini review to send off to other members as I couldn’t go to the monthly meeting. I have also taken a look again at this course I am doing and have started reading relevant material again. I think I can give myself a pat on the back for all of that.  Of course there are things that are ongoing but that’s just me – oops, more knitting WIPs and that sewing project hasn’t been done.  Never mind, nothing that can’t wait.

So, signing off for now.  Back to start on November’s ‘list’ of things to do!



How much is too much to do? Excuses no more.

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Who else feels bogged down with too many things to do?  I am sure it can’t just be me.  I have a house full of projects, many started, many new, many just thought about.   Where does one start?  I have been assured in the past that the best thing is just to make a list and prioritise.  Mmmm, I’ve tried that.  Last night before I lay down my weary head I wrote three things on a list to do just this morning.  Now it’s 1pm and I’ve found that list – not done any of the things on it, but I HAVE been busy for most of the day.  Tomorrow I am part of a fundraising event at work – so I’ve been baking cakes, icing cakes, sorting out plastic boxes for transportation.  I also cleaned the downstairs bathroom.  Now, when I write that down it doesn’t seem like I’ve done much… Oh and I had a mini session on the cross-trainer at home. (I am a member of the local gym but have just not got there recently and as I hate to waste money I am seriously thinking of cancelling the membership – but then, with the chance to go somewhere pleasant to exercise taken away, will I ever take up exercise properly again? dilemma!)  The list consisted of GYM, FINISH KNITTING A GARMENT, FINISH SEWING AN ITEM (specific garment/item are irrelevant for this blog unless I actually finish both, am proud of the results and photograph them).  As I said, I haven’t made the gym but I did exercise briefly whilst the cakes were baking.  Knitting, well, sometimes I feel a little guilty sitting and knitting in the daytime, even though it is perfectly ok, that’s one thing I need to get my head around! Thirdly, sewing, well the item has an error in it and I need to fix it before I continue – now, who can face a mistake head on first thing?  I need to ease myself into the day a little more pleasantly.  Excuses, Excuses, yes, today I am full of them. 

As for all the other jobs/chores around the home.  I am not working today so I have the perfect opportunity to get stuck in.  One success (I forgot to add to the activities of the day) is that there is a load of laundry on.  However, it went on late morning so by the time it’s ready to have a good blow about on the washing line half the day has passed by.  Why didn’t I put it in the machine first thing ? Then it could have blown about most of the day and actually may come in dry later rather than half dry and have to be hung around the house to finish off!  This problem will be solved at the weekend – hey, maybe I am getting a little organized?! We have a tumble dryer arriving for that errant laundry.  Am I sad to look forward to such an arrival?  A little…

My complete list I should admit, didn’t realize it was SO long – exercise, housework, gardening, health check, book spa break with best friend, shop for another friend’s  wedding gift, find a decent autumn jacket to buy, knit for fun (including finish my WIPs before I start another), knit for work (one item I need to finish off at home, not a usual thing I do but I will this one time only), sew for fun (have joined a new stitching club and so far have made half an item!), read new book (book club last night, mustn’t do what I did last month where I ended up struggling to finish the book to discuss on time), empty fridge freezer for defrosting (new one arriving with tumble dryer, too much food to be eaten before then!!!), plan diet properly, make time for lovely husband, make time for lovely son.  These jobs are in no particular order, husband and son are not relegated to the end of my priorities!  Reading back, maybe there’s too much ‘fun’ on my list? Nah, never enough!  Life is too short to do all the horrid stuff (which includes housework!).  I am also supposed to be doing an online course but have struggled and have buried my head in the sand a little about the next step.

All in all, I think I just have too much to do.  Excuses no more! Now, the washing machine has just finished – off to sort out that.  Husband away tonight so one less worry.  Son to be taken to French tutor, which means I have an hour in the car whilst I wait for him to finish – an hour to knit perhaps – one more job done!  The list gets very slightly smaller ….. 

Dare you take a teenager away from electronic gadgets for a few days? (And for me, time to use up some of my woolly stash)

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When I started blogging I intended to write a post every day. Now I realize that is just not practical as ‘life’ gets in the way so I shall blog as much as I can, aiming for three times a week and hope I shall have more interesting stuff to write about.

I have just had a few days away in Normandy, France and for me that means no internet, no phone, no tv, which is part of the reason I like going to our little haven there, and also one reason I have been post-less here. I took a bunch of knitting and crochet projects, a box set of Gavin & Stacey DVDs for the laptop (just something to play the dvds on) and of course, my lovely family. Teenage son complained about being removed from his electronic ‘world’ – a host of complaints we ignored as we knew once he got there he would settle into a more simple life and enjoy himself if past visits were anything to go on. Are we cruel? I don’t think so. I believe we are amongst the brave in daring to take a teenager out of his comfort zone these days. I have friends that can’t believe we ‘settle’ for nothing less than an action packed activity holiday! Actually, whilst I was there I read an interesting article in a magazine. It was talking about how kids now have so much instant entertainment via games consoles, online games, instant chat that they do not have the opportunity to be truly ‘bored’ and have to find something else to do. They lack imagination and social skills, they are losing the art of learning something for themselves. At the touch of a button everything seems to work immediately and they are not interacting face to face with their peers very much at all. It seems a sad world ahead of many of them. I am not saying my son can’t enjoy the electronic gadgetry of his teenage world, just that sometimes it’s good for him (and for us too) to take a step back and see what else is out there. It was lovely to spend time together as a family, chatting, chewing the cud, catching up on what he expects when he goes into further education shortly. A great time was had by us all.

For me, sometimes a few days away help me concentrate on my latest craft project. I have finally finished a knitted wrap I’ve been working on for a friend. It had been hanging over me for the last week or so, I could see the end but just couldn’t reach it. Every time I picked it up I dropped stitches or discovered I had done so the evening before and had to undo a few rows. I think I had been trying to pack too much into my life without concentrating on anything – this recent break was so needed!

I still have several other knitting WIPs. One is a lovely purple short sleeved summer top which I am going slow on. It is enjoyable at times, tedious at others, but I do actually intend to finish this one. Before we went away I had been sorting out other knitting projects and actually made myself RIP out one I know I will never complete. It was so refreshing to make the decision to do that – I should have done it 6 months ago. It was never going to be flattering and I wasn’t proud enough of my work to finish it and gift it to anyone else. So, more yarn in my stash! It’s a beautiful turquoise bamboo mix for another project one day.

Talking of my stash… well I could probably rival a small wool shop! How is it that I never quite have the wool I want for a project or have a pattern but not the suitable wool for it? I am sure I am not alone here. Yesterday I decided to treat myself to a quick new knitting project. It had to be quick for a summer trip coming up – it had to be sage green or navy blue to match one of twospecific outfits – could I find anything suitable? No, not in my local wool shop. There is a huge range of yarns and patterns but my brain just couldn’t engage! That isn’t to say there wasn’t enough choice – no, I think this shop has more than I have ever seen. I came away with nothing this time! I think someone somewhere is trying to tell me to dig deep into my own yarn stash at home and use something I already have…. the trouble is, new stuff is sometimes so much more exciting! Today, I will decide what I am going to make if anything.

So, that’s me for now. Chilled, satisfied one knitting project down, less to go. Some good parenting recently done, so I say.

Pink Sheep

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Ooh, so sorry to have been away from WordPress for a while …

So, I have often wondered why someone hasn’t bred multi coloured sheep (apart from the usual white/off white/beige/brown ones).  As a knitter and a lover of some barmy things I have thought, number one, how pretty it would makes our fields, and number two, would it be possible to get pink wool ready dyed??  I know it sounds a little crazy, but    … look what I found recently?  I have been told they appear in fields in Suffolk around the time of the Latitude Music Festival.   Festival details at  Photos from
Before anyone says I must be completely gullible, yes, I know there aren’t really pink ones, but what a thought …