Arrivals and Departures, Comings and Goings

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Last Friday I had to go to Gatwick Airport to collect someone.   A pleasant sunny drive on a winter’s day despite the best efforts of a purple Lamborgini driver who was determined to run someone off the M25, luckily not me!

gatwickThere’s a very special atmosphere inside an airport, people can be very emotional, some look lost, some stride purposefully, some meander, some dress smart, some dress down, some hardly dress at all (think of those suntanned arriving from sunny shores!).  I saw a child momentarily become separated from it’s preoccupied mother. There was an unattended bag announcement. I queued for coffee, overhearing an adventure recalled loudly by new arrivals.  I  chatted to someone also waiting who told me she’d just landed and was now expecting her daughter to fly in from somewhere else before they headed home together.

I was collecting someone special. I happily anticipated his arrival at the gate, hoping this time we would meet each other easily, not like last time when we nearly missed each other (he waited in the wrong place, I was late).

Whilst waiting I spied an old friend coming through from Customs. What parallel lives we may have. She was working temporarily at the airport, not travelling in from somewhere exotic. The last time our paths had crossed had been on a Eurotunnel train under the English Channel a couple of years ago when both our families were independently on their way to France.  Good job I am not spooked too easily. Lovely to have a quick catch up and actually work out towards the end of this month we shall both be at the airport again on the same day!

At last my arrival ‘arrived’ safely, happy to be home for a while and we went on our merry way.

Today I was back at Gatwick, though slightly less excited.  It may have been the early hour. I was dropping hubby off this time, not the same person I picked up last week.

Tomorrow I have to collect said hubby from Stansted Airport as he flies back to the UK after less than 24 hours in Holland and before we head off to the North of England to a family funeral. He travels an awful lot.  Even he said today it was a long way to go for a business dinner!

No, I am not a taxi driver though reading this some might think I am. We live about an hour away from three international airports and it just happens there’s been some too-ing and fro-ing for family members.  Two more airport trips this month (at least) though still not for me to actually go anywhere.  Looking forward to one day when it might be me taking off and the anticipation or euphoria I feel at an airport may be one of excitement for a trip of my own!


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