Meribel: Love this is Growing, Another craft and still NacKniCroMo ing

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I have had more time recently and what have I done with a lot of it!  Wasted it!  Why is it that the more time one has the less efficient one can be?  I aim to do better during the next few days. Works in progress – Love this Cardigan – it’s growing steadily.  I now have 2 fronts and this much of the back of it. Schoeller and Stahl Meribel is great to work with.


Another project – this time to make a little ££ – they’re going to be calorie free, sugar free, look edible (but won’t be), available in a shop near me soon.  More to follow another day …


And Rav Challenge NaKnicroMo continuing, slightly not on the same time zones, but

Day 13 Fave Tool – KnitPro Symfonie needles, prefer the straights but use interchangeables too – occasionally the screw comes undone though, which makes a knit frustrating.

Day 14 Share My Progress – see above, ML181 Love this Cardigan – I LOVE THIS CARDIGAN

Day 15 Dream Craft Storage – I look at Pinterest often and see all these lovely work and hobby stations and despair at mine sometimes!  I take inspiration from those with traditional storage, dressers, wooden storage with twiddly fixings, yarn and fabric in colour co-ordinations or complementary patterns or gauges.   For basic storage – this would be good, and simple yarn storage

I would love a yarn and fabric combo like this yarnfabric storage


Mine is more like this yarnstash


Whilst functional is just not pretty.

Must get on, yarn to store prettily and projects to finish. What’s on your pins or what are you sticking with needle and thread?



2 thoughts on “Meribel: Love this is Growing, Another craft and still NacKniCroMo ing

    handmade habit said:
    March 15, 2017 at 5:44 pm

    Congrats on the sweater-back – the colours are gorgeous together. I love that aqua shade. I have some guesses as to what the other projects are – how awesome and delicious! (er, I may be wrong about what they are, but after indulging this last weekend, I’m happy to enjoy those treats calorie-free). The yarn and fabric combo storage looks delightful – that is indeed a dresser to dream about. Cheers!

    tinaor responded:
    March 16, 2017 at 8:07 am

    Thanks handmade habit. I love the colours of the cardi too. The sewing projects would be sugary and iced … you might be on the right track. I dream often about being better organised with my wool and fabric but get distracted when sorting it all out!

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