Truly inspirational new friends and new projects

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It’s been a while….. busy everyday life took over…. but I am back!

Yesterday I met the most wonderful group of ladies at a new Knit, Stitch and Craft coffee morning.  They have given me a new boost and inspiration. I realise I have been jigging along just doing my own thing craftwise, happy and successful at times but occasionally producing nothing to be proud of.  In recent months I have intentionally attacked my wool stack, feeling a little guilty than yarn is really taking over my life (that, and the big hint from hubby that we might have to move if I get any more – or was that ‘he’ might have to move?…)  So I made a chunky shrug – very pretty but it didn’t fit me – it’s been donated to someone less busty!   I made arm warmers too, ready for the chilly winter.  It wasn’t much, but it was a start.  I also made a cowl, but that was from a sneaky new yarn purchase ….

The new ladies from yesterday came from all walks of life, of different age groups and different abilities.  There was an interesting retired textiles teacher, a Japanese medic who has her own online fabric shop, a lady who made prom dresses, a couple of people who haven’t knitted for some time but want to do so, someone who had been on many courses in years gone by but has never continued those skills learned. It was so interesting to chat about what they’d made in the past, who they went to for their craft supplies, what they are hoping to make.  One great suggestion is to all have a very cheap garment the same and embellish it – just to see what we all come up with. That sounds like fun!  We shall meet weekly hopefully so I am looking forward to moving my own skills on or even just getting together with likeminded people and chewing the cud.

My sewing projects have been sparse over the summer and autumn season so far. MY sewing group has struggled to maintain momentum and I am wondering how much longer we will survive  There are a couple of people keen to meet but not so keen to make mini group projects.  It is really difficult to suggest little things to sew just for two hours and still have a reasonable item as you leave. We are a mixed bunch, experienced and no so experienced.  Some of us could come along with our own projects to work on and just spend time sewing and chatting, others need to have guidance but do not have current projects.  We have one more meeting before Christmas and I think this could be the crux as we are or we shall change completely or even disband.  I have a half finished quilted sewing machine cover that keeps winking at me from my sewing table.  I had an issue with some thread stuck in the works of the machine, so I took a break to work out how to ‘work it out’ promising myself I wasn’t going to give up and shout too much! I managed to wiggle the thread out and get started again. Machines and mechanics are not particularly favourite things of mine so I was quite proud of myself but of course that time spent on fixing things meant no time for more sewing that day.  Well, onwards and upwards, I have given myself a goal to finish the cover this weekend.  You never know, there might even be a photo on here soon.

Happy crafting everyone!


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