Getting on with a WIP

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A new summer top on the pins has stalled as my attention has been taken over by my return to one of last year’s spring/summer WIPs.  For the first time in ages I have actually enjoyed returning to a project !  Over the last week I have knitted a whole sleeve, started another and finished a front piece of this cardigan (which actually if you can work it out, though I shall say it here, I had the back, one front piece and three quarters of a second front piece knitted.) Usually my WIPS remain WIPS for much longer – this one is less than a year old – Hurrah!  You never know I might actually finish this time.  I am working to time, there is a date I need to wear this top! There were three main problems before – one, the season changed and I realized I wouldn’t need to wear it for a while, two, the DK yarn seemed more like 4ply so wasn’t growing quickly enough, and three, there is so much temptation in the yarn and patterns I see wherever I go that I just itch to start new projects all the time.  I suppose one less issue is that I no longer work in an environment surrounded by temptation.  I no longer work in the yarn store, so ideas for my next project, and so on, are not thrust right under my nose.  This could be good for me – it definitely is budget-wise – and one day I may (I say ‘may’ loosely) see the bottom of my stash, though I doubt it as there will always be some yarn in there I just don’t fancy.  Maybe I shall even end up gifting a little of that yarn one day, indeed why do we all keep so much stuff?  I know I am not alone here. 

Just for a knitting pic here I have added a little photo of a baby top recently completed.  I love seeing a pic on blog posts – hope you do.

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