Do I choose knitting projects beyond my capabilities?

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Recently I’ve been pondering this question and someone asked me kind of same thing today.  I was contemplating a new ‘holiday’ project, something to throw myself into whilst off work for two weeks.   I’d spent a while scanning several patterns and decided that anything with cables that had more than 8 pattern repeats were just not for me at this time.  It would mean too much concentration and I could easily loose count, anticipating too much ripping and re-knitting (I need at least one project I call my ‘tv knitting’, I can watch and knit without counting too much).  I was asked if I thought I would ever finish the item on the pattern I was contemplating as it was bigger than the recent accessories I’ve been making. So, am I too over-ambitious with my choices?  Or just over- keen and I run out of time when making projects so I miss self imposed deadlines?  Maybe I just can’t resist the lure of new yarn and patterns so give up one project too quickly to start a new one?  I guess it could be a combination of all three of these.  Knitting does seem to take up a fair part of my life. This time I shall not opt for a new large project.  I shall continue with those I already have.  I pat myself on the back for this and won’t take my purse next time I go into this shop!


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