Knitted Christmas finished! Hurrah!

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I totally forgot to photograph the birthday hat I finally finished!  Oops!  I rather liked it too!  I ripped it out, changed to a pattern I’d done before which took me a couple of knitting sessions in just one day, then posted it off ! I had been good about taking photos – I am totally distracted what with all the Christmassy stuff, building stuff and family stuff going on around me. I can’t believe I’d tried to ‘design’ in a hurry when I should have just followed someone else’s pattern in the first place.  It definitely wasn’t the time to have to think too much!

The builders in my house arrive each day about 8am (did I blog that they were here?) That totally throws my routine as I am up and ready for action earlier than usual.  I grab a quick bite to eat as they arrive, pop the kettle on for their morning cuppa, then try and hide somewhere in the house until they need me to fix the latest problem.  Over the past week there has been a shortage of bathroom tiles, the wrong size shower tray and a radiator supplied damaged and only discovered damaged when unboxed.  All problems solvable, just hassle.  I pop out occasionally, looking for solace elsewhere.  Today as soon as I had left they rang for the house alarm code – I could hear bells down the line and a panic in their voice – the new electrician had set it off and it wouldn’t stop! I can’t wait to have the work finished now as I am a bit fed up of the dust and chaos around me. Yesterday it seemed I had just half a room untouched, so I squirrelled myself away with the laptop briefly, then went to flush the loo discovering the water was turned off.  Thank goodness for good neighbours who don’t mind me popping into them – they also give me coffee and yesterday carrot cake too!  I can’t settle down with the knitting sticks and concentrate when the builders are here. I was thinking with all the time scheduled at home that I would get lots of knitting done! How wrong was I?! Yesterday evening I babysat a friend’s daughter – so easy to babysit a 9 year old – she slept, I watched tv in someone else’s tidy and clean house, took a knitting project and just relaxed!

I have finished the gifts I was making for Christmas, and this birthday hat. I can now look forward to finishing something for myself – a fantastic alpaca jumper – I so want to have it finished soon.  I have reached a tricky part and have to ‘face my fears’ of continuing, without distraction, concentrate and just ‘do it’.  I have also a newish baby set on the go – something I am working on for a possible new business outlet. 

No 1 boy has been a happy chap for a couple of days, and husband has absconded into work big time. He pops home to sleep – at least I think it’s him who left shoes in the middle of the kitchen floor last night – ready for me to fall over this morning, then move out of the way of the builders ….. ha ha ha NOT !


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