My current project nearly finished! The key to success?

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As the proud (not sure if I can really be proud …can I, if I haven’t finished them??) owner of several Works In Progress (WIPs) I’ve been happily knitting away for a lot of the weekend. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel on this one – I am actually close to finishing my latest creation.  Hurrah!  I think it must be that this one is a teeny tiny baby set and so manageable/portable/almost simple.   Is that the key to success?  Keep them small, keep them simple and work on one project solely?

I am not a person who starts a project, sees it through then moves onto the next one, my family despairs of the multiple projects around the house (knitting, sewing and interior design)!  There are so many delightful things out there I cannot stop myself trying a new one before finishing the old one(s).  That being said.  If I get this one done today, then in a week I shall have finished three (yes, three!!!) projects. Last Monday I finished knitting a pair or purple aran wristies, sewed them up, sewed on buttons too.  Tuesday, I finally popped the buttons on a second pair or wristies that had been buttonless for a week.  Wow!  This must be a record for me.  All three projects were/are fairly small, and although the wristies had a pattern it was quick and repetitive and both pairs were the same style (and both pairs were gifts, already sent and received!) 

Knowing and hearing myself say all this, it will not stop me from knitting larger projects.  After all, we are not all teeny tiny small people and cannot wear gloves and other accessories on their own.  I look forward to continuing with the oh so soft alpaca top I began three weeks ago.  I discovered a wonderful new yarn shop, fairly local to me.  It is a treasure trove of loveliness, with shelves of the softest, squishyest (is that even a word?  if not, it should be) yarn.  I began to knit this top one evening whilst sitting in front of the tv.  I was getting along just fine when I thought ‘hey, that’s odd, I seem to be using an awful lot of this yarn already’….. I looked at my circular needle and realized I’d begun the new project on a much smaller size than the pattern prescribed.  I’d had a selection of needles nearby and mistakenly picked the wrong one.  What is odd too, is that the project gauge felt ok, not too tight or heavy, just warm and luxurious!  Still, by then I’d done way too much to frog it (the back and two fronts of this item are knit in one piece, I’d already worked about 10 inches by then) so I decided to continue and pop back to the shop the next day and purchase more yarn to see it through.  That is just one of the ‘mistakes’ in my knitting world, albeit hopefully a pleasant one (and of course, costly this time).  How many of us have not measured as we go along, discovered garments too big/too small/arms only suitable for a chimpanzee or a small goat when we’ve finished?!!

So, onwards and upwards with this little project. I shall pop a pic on here when I am done.

As for a couple of other things going on: we are revamping parts of our house.  I am at home today, supposedly waiting in to have a new front door fitted.  I just had a call to say the builders can’t make it until Thursday now!  That makes me grumpy as  I’ve been saving up things to do at home and am sitting here in mega warm clothes predicting that a day without a front door will mean a house like one on the arctic circle – have to change, and change my plans too now! That, on top of the delivery of only half a new bathroom suite last Monday just slightly infuriates me.  The delivery of the rest of the bathroom suite is not scheduled yet.  Too, a kitchen worksurface should arrive next Monday – I need to be at home ‘anytime between 9am and 5pm’ for that.  It was a bit of a bargain, after some negotiation on the price, so I shouldn’t moan about it.  However, why do so many delivery companies think you have all the time in the world to wait in for their vans, and do not have a life outside the boundaries of your property, you just wait at home at their beck and call?   Sound off done for now. 


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