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New Project Pic
New Project Pic

As if I needed to add to the looooonnnng list of WIPs! Ha Ha! …..

So I have a new project on the go.  This time it’s because a new baby is imminent in the New Year – not mine – the offspring of my husband’s work colleague.  They have been assured it will be a little girl so I am knitting in pink.  I don’t usually do such boy/girl real colours just in case the medics get it wrong but I just couldn’t resist this deep pink and I love knitting with Rico baby yarn. I shall chart my progress here.  (I shall keep my fingers crossed they do have a girl.  I spoke to a customer who made a ‘girl’ cardigan for her ‘grand-daughter’ this past spring.  ‘She’ turned out to be a ‘he’!)

As for what else I have been doing for the rest of the week – well, up to my neck being busy doing lots of things.  I popped into work for a couple of days.  Nothing much out of the ordinary there.  We are usually a little busier this time of year but I am sure with the predicted colder weather we shall have some customers coming in to panic buy yarn to knit up quickly. I plan to knit a lot this weekend, in between shopping for new bathroom fittings and visiting the out-laws!

I have been day-dreaming a lot this week.  I think it’s got a lot to do with last weekend’s trip away with an old friend.  We talked about what our hopes and dreams had been when we were in our late teens/early twenties.  I realized I had not fulfilled many of them.  I am hoping there is still time to do a lot of them.  Life sure does whizz by at an incredible rate these days.  My Nan always used to say life goes quicker the older you get!

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