12994 stitches knitted so far. Have you ever estimated how many you may have knitted?

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89cm long, 12994 stitches
89cm long, 12994 stitches
MY WIP is growing …

I am so enjoying my latest new project, a sparkly wrap for a good friend. I posted a blog entitled Lunchtime in Dubai/knitting at home last week and showed a photo of this project. I would like to share my progress here and challenge others to do what I have just done ** see below

I was reading somewhere about whether a knitter ever considers how much time she/he spends on each item they make. I do not usually add up time spent creating, unless I am working to a deadline and consider how many days or weeks (not broken down into hours or minutes) it has taken me to complete something. I do not often have an actual deadline unless I am working towards finishing a Christmas gift or a similar kind of date/event. This is actually a retrospective Christmas gift for 25th December 2012!! Luckily my dear, dear friend is completely understanding as I made all 5 of her children presents which were delivered on time. In fact, her gift was going to be something totally different but I hated it when I was half way through, gave up and have only just started this new one this June.

So, it’s a sparkly wrap. I am using 6mm needles, it’s a RICO design pattern. Last week it was approximately 45cm long. Today it measures 89 cm. There are 73 stitches per row. I estimate 178 rows have been knitted so far. ** therefore possibly I have wealded my knitting needles through 12,994 stitches. Wow! I think I could be 60-70% finished. As well as a little note of love, I shall also add the number of stitches worked into the wrap onto the note when I present the gift. I have never considered just how much work goes into such an item. It’s a good job it’s a delight to knit!

Who’s ever estimated how many stitches they have knitted in a garment before? Have you?


2 thoughts on “12994 stitches knitted so far. Have you ever estimated how many you may have knitted?

    Tina Hartley said:
    June 17, 2013 at 7:31 pm

    It’s strange you should ask that now, my hubby asked almost the exact same thing on the weekend. At the time I was ripping out a knitted panel I had been working on for a wedding afghan, I had decided knitting an afghan was just going to be too boring and take far too long. I needed the yarn to make a crocheted afghan in stead. I admit since getting back into crocheting I will rip out knitting with out too much heart ache, this wasn’t always the way. I used to make myself finish what I had started or just bury the half completed garment in my stash pile. I notice myself counting the stitches a lot more when crocheting and it does make you realise you are putting a lot of work into producing the finished article. But as long as I ‘m happy with the finished article I don’t mind how long it has taken to make.

    Your wrap looks lovely,very light weight and delicate. I’m sure it will be appreciated.
    Tina xx

      tinaor responded:
      June 22, 2013 at 12:01 pm

      It is a lovely project, and thanks for your comment. Being a novice crocheter I have not counted stitches for a crochet project yet – I am too busy trying to weld one stick rather than the usual two! I am still a little tense as I try not to lose the stitch off the hook and have been reassured it is just practice. I remember as a young child what my first knitting looked like – more holes and loops than you can imagine! I am happy as long as I enjoy what I make. The number of stitches and hours spent crafting are irrelevant, just interesting to note, and now I have done it once I might consider each project in the same way. If I ever feel I haven’t been doing much I can tell myself I actually have! xxx

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