A Hand to Hold

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What an almost surreal event. I can only imagine what must go through your mind when you see roofers. You were in the right place at the right time to give comfort and help to someone in need. It was such a shame you could never find out what happened to the man who fell.

Katrina Anne Willis, Author

Our neighbors across the street are getting a new roof. These past few early summer mornings have been sunny and cool and beautiful, and I’ve been drinking my coffee and catching up on some front porch reading to begin each day. This morning, though, I had to angle my chair away from the neighbors’ house. I couldn’t watch the roofers, even though I could hear their rhythmic hammers and their happy songs.

You see, close to a decade ago, we’d just moved into our new dream home. We had four young kids, a full life ahead of us, and we were painting all our new rooms the colors of life and love and happiness. Pink and purple for our one and only girl, cowboy denim blue for the baby of the family, Eagles green for the oldest, ceiling clouds for our aviation lover, and circus stripes and polka-dots for their…

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