Do you ever feel you are having some kind of (mid) life crisis? Or am I the only one?

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I have been browsing through a few blogs and see many people here that are well settled in their choice of current activity (or inactivity). I think I must be having a (mid) life crisis! I put the (brackets) in as I can’t imagine I am ‘mid’ way through my life – there is much more to do and see – and anyway, what is the age for ‘mid’ life these days? I am hoping, as long as I have my faculties (or at least think I still have) that by the time I reach what should be my autumn years science will have invented something to give me another few hefty, healthy ones on top, possibly making me live to 120 or similar! I have so many knitting projects I would like to do that I need a few more years on top of what nature offers! I don’t know if it’s just this week of not working that has given me too much time to muse about life in general, or if one thing has triggered something that has been underlying for a while.
Being at home a lot has definitely made me notice the scruffiness of things around me, but it has not spurred me to actually get down to work and physically sort them out. I notice chipped woodwork, peeling wallpaper, dust around the ornaments (might have to start living a bit more minimalistic!), my slight slovenly style has obviously become a little out of control. I have been ignoring my husband’s hints, in fact, I have become quite vocal on the way he should let me just ‘live my life’, and ‘I have a job too’! He, love him, can be quite tolerant at times, then he is away a lot, and when I do tidy up it’s a big one that we all notice. That’s one problem of being a crafty person but living with more of a neat freak. Knitting, well, that usually soothes me, but this week I have thinking more about it than actually doing it. Having not done any sewing for a long time, I did actually do some of that this week, but I realized how much fabric and notions I have and they need a good sort out! Exercise, mmmm, went to the gym once when I could have gone many times (tut tut I just have no get up and go this week!).
I am not sure where I want to be in a year’s time. Should I have a life plan? Six years or so ago we had a bit of a crisis and we made a huge decision to purchase a holiday home as somewhere familiar to visit and unwind in. We should be there this week but we were unable to go. Maybe that’s the ‘trigger’ for the mood swing this week, so maybe I have just answered my own question.
However, I have been a bit of a grumpy mare on and off for a while. I am of a ‘certain’ age, as some readers might have guessed, so maybe this is a ‘phase’ I have to go through. Unfortunately it is one thing males in our species do not suffer, although some would say they suffer at the hands of females at this time of their life! I shall be looking into alternative ways to gee myself up as soon as I have posted this! What’s the therapy? The written word and a creative mind!

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