Cabling in green, second time lucky!

I promised myself I would actually get on a bit with my crafting and  I have, though it’s been a wobbly few days.  I have started to reknit the tunic top.  I took a deep breath, undid the smaller size and started again, less stitches but bigger needles.  Wahay I’m off!

So my green tunic grows on it’s 8mm needles, perhaps not as quickly as I’d hoped, but is IS growing.  I couldn’t knit as much as planned yesterday – due to being out of the house for nearly the whole day and then being too excited to knit when last night’s ‘Strictly’ was on TV (!)  Any fellow Strictly fans may agree with me ….

So here’s a mini show off and the next time I pop a photo on here it will be nearer completion.  Sunday today, time to relax this afternoon.  Shall I knit or shall I sew?  Hubby’s away, son is amusing himself,  where shall I start?


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Showing off a little sewing….. remember I say ‘a little’ ….

I’ve returned from my second awe-inspiring new craft group.  I can hardly believe it’s been a week since the last one! Since I have been home I have moved my sewing machine table and sewing things into an area with better light to get on with my unfinished sewing project. I have read a few wordpress crafty blogs which made me smile.  I have contacted the ladies within my sewing group about our next session. Plus I’ve even imagined what my next knitting project will be when I finish my current WIP and ordered more yarn on line  Last week I said these ladies were encouraging – this week they did not disappoint.  I so admire a lovely lady who is doing a textile course and who was showing us a little piece she is working on to reflect her interpretation of reptiles …. photo, if allowed, will be here one day.  Three of us were knitting this morning, all different styles, all different tastes.  One was cross-stitching.  A few ladies did not come along today but there were enough of us to chitchat and make plans for future projects.  Wow!

A little pic of the last mini project my sewing friends and I made together.  Mines the pink one with roses.  I thought if I show off a sewing project on here every time I see it I WILL get into sewing more. sewing bags

A little pic of a lovely little hat pattern by garnstudio (aka DROPS) number 150-40. I have just finished one of these in DROPs Nepal, in bright pink – no photo to hand as I left my hat at work – but you can see the pattern at least! Fab little yarn shop in Bromley, Kent (,uk) 

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One beautiful year


It makes you think!

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Monday marked one year of marriage — and in my typical fashion as of late, I’m behind the times. Eternally behind the times. But I’m here! And I certainly haven’t forgotten!

You know, we really thought we lucked out with the weather that day: mild, bright and breezy, with temperatures in the mid-60s and plenty of warmth in the sun. As I’m obsessive-compulsive even when I’m not planning a life-changing event for 150 people, I’d checked the Farmer’s Almanac average temperatures like a lunatic in the months leading up to our wedding day. An outdoor wedding in November? Who does that? But their warm predictions held true.

What I remember most about that day was my anxious excitement to see Spencer. And the way that I managed, after months of planning and obsessing, to actually stay in the moment. That elusive idea — that I enjoy the now —…

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Truly inspirational new friends and new projects

It’s been a while….. busy everyday life took over…. but I am back!

Yesterday I met the most wonderful group of ladies at a new Knit, Stitch and Craft coffee morning.  They have given me a new boost and inspiration. I realise I have been jigging along just doing my own thing craftwise, happy and successful at times but occasionally producing nothing to be proud of.  In recent months I have intentionally attacked my wool stack, feeling a little guilty than yarn is really taking over my life (that, and the big hint from hubby that we might have to move if I get any more – or was that ‘he’ might have to move?…)  So I made a chunky shrug – very pretty but it didn’t fit me – it’s been donated to someone less busty!   I made arm warmers too, ready for the chilly winter.  It wasn’t much, but it was a start.  I also made a cowl, but that was from a sneaky new yarn purchase ….

The new ladies from yesterday came from all walks of life, of different age groups and different abilities.  There was an interesting retired textiles teacher, a Japanese medic who has her own online fabric shop, a lady who made prom dresses, a couple of people who haven’t knitted for some time but want to do so, someone who had been on many courses in years gone by but has never continued those skills learned. It was so interesting to chat about what they’d made in the past, who they went to for their craft supplies, what they are hoping to make.  One great suggestion is to all have a very cheap garment the same and embellish it – just to see what we all come up with. That sounds like fun!  We shall meet weekly hopefully so I am looking forward to moving my own skills on or even just getting together with likeminded people and chewing the cud.

My sewing projects have been sparse over the summer and autumn season so far. MY sewing group has struggled to maintain momentum and I am wondering how much longer we will survive  There are a couple of people keen to meet but not so keen to make mini group projects.  It is really difficult to suggest little things to sew just for two hours and still have a reasonable item as you leave. We are a mixed bunch, experienced and no so experienced.  Some of us could come along with our own projects to work on and just spend time sewing and chatting, others need to have guidance but do not have current projects.  We have one more meeting before Christmas and I think this could be the crux as we are or we shall change completely or even disband.  I have a half finished quilted sewing machine cover that keeps winking at me from my sewing table.  I had an issue with some thread stuck in the works of the machine, so I took a break to work out how to ‘work it out’ promising myself I wasn’t going to give up and shout too much! I managed to wiggle the thread out and get started again. Machines and mechanics are not particularly favourite things of mine so I was quite proud of myself but of course that time spent on fixing things meant no time for more sewing that day.  Well, onwards and upwards, I have given myself a goal to finish the cover this weekend.  You never know, there might even be a photo on here soon.

Happy crafting everyone!

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From Boy to Man

From Boy to Man.

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Searching for a book ….

I spent a lot of time in a very good bookstore yesterday searching for a suitable book to encourage my seventeen year old son to actually read. He seems unhappy to pick up a book (or even think of reading a book on an ereader- I tried offering a gadget!) He exists with words read only from short onscreen articles (a quick wiki search, for example) or from onscreen games (tactics, etc). His current education, which doesn’t actually include English as a subject (he chose other A levels) is suffering from his lack of word knowledge which should be helped if he actually read the written word more. I know he is not alone in his lack of interest, having asked friends how/what their teenage boys do and also from being in more than one bookstore lately and interrogating the staff.

Why is there a complete lack of inspiring books for teenage boys/young men? Why do so many boys give up on books at this age? Is it that other things takeover (specific school work, computer games, girls?!) For my son, I count the quantity of school work (though surely he should have been encouraged to read books off the curriculum to become a well-rounded adult or even just because they can be fun?!) There is a massive gap in this book market – who do you know who’s going to fill it and how? Maybe I will try myself, though this could be a huge challenge as I have never been a teenage boy …

As a little boy my son just couldn’t get enough books, stories and facts, he craved stories we made up, he even wrote his own. What happened? He became a teenager and perhaps we took our eyes off the ball. I am a great book lover, so is hubby, we blames ourselves in part. There is nothing much out there that screams ‘read me’ to your average British teenager, from what I can tell. We have a couple to try but look forward to finding more, going down the route of ‘interesting facts’ rather than ‘here’s a huge novel, you have to read it!’.

There was one book I liked in particular, seeing as I am a knitter …. something along the lines of ‘Boys Don’t Knit ….’. It made me smile but I think it would have to be a very specific boy to actually read this one. I guess the message there was ‘it’s ok to be different and not fit in with your peer group’. I wonder how sales of this one have gone so far…. Hubby thinks there was a huge pile of these still in store for a reason!
Wish us luck. Anyone with a teenage son will understand why I might need it.

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Never having enough time, or this just an excuse?

You know that thing that people say about ‘never having the time to exercise’? I’ve said it myself in the past, though I think that was just a lack of willpower and general laziness! I think I’ve started to say it about my craft making. I have too many knitting projects unfinished and sewing projects not even started. I have a stack of patterns, yarn and fabric, enough to set up my own store, well, almost. The half finished projects are often those that I started and got bored of, or stuck on. The sewing is a reflection of my keenness to begin something slightly out of my comfort zone.
Who can resist the lure of new patterns? I love the world wide web but by bringing it into my ‘world’ how do I resist all those free downloads? Those lovely photos and the instructions sound so simple, so easy, so quick, so tempting. (I won’t even start on about how I got all of my beautiful yarns and fabrics. I am sure many just jump into my shopping basket spontaneously. When I look at my stash I remember most of how I got it, but can’t always remember what I planned to do with it!) How do I get over this? Am I slightly overwhelmed and don’t know where to start? (It’s a bit like looking at all the housework and chores sometimes and deciding just to go out and ignore it all as it will be there when I get back! Anyone just like me?)
I think I might need to launch myself right in, put on my ‘sensible head’ (when am I ever going to use all those bags if I make them all?) I need to reassess if I am actually going to finish/start each thing. I have been known to start a summer project in the summer, not finish it, seasons change and I think ‘oh well, I shall leave it there and take it up when the same season arrives next year’. Is this something many of us do? What’s the point of finishing a little summer shrug when you need something warmer with long sleeves? This is not the first year I’ve made this mistake. I sit in one of my recent successes (my crafting is not totally a disaster). This is actually a skirt made in July 2014 (photo to follow, camera out of reach this present moment). It’s possibly the last time I wear it this season as autumn is fast arriving. It still looks sunny this weekend but there’s a definite chill in air.
I really must knuckle down this week. Rather than talk about all this ‘making’ I must get on and ‘make’.

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